Episode 299

Australian Air Date: 4th May 1989
UK Air Date: 9th April 1990
Writer: Bruce Hancock
Director: Chris Sheil

Frank is forced to explain his whereabouts on the night of the fire.

Nigel’s city friend. Their lunch conversation was overheard by the ‘Mystery Restaurant Goer’.
Listened in on Nigel and Peter’s conversation.
Final episode. Left a heartbreaking message for Roo after he was revealed to be a reformed bank robber who had served time.

Extended Summary

Andrew has moved into a caravan in the caravan park. Sally brings some breakfast to him.

Simon talks to Roo about the things he has done wrong in his life. Roo is very understanding and don’t think bad of him because of that.

Steven tries to find out who set the store on fire. He think there is a possibility it is Simon who set the store on fire.

Sally helps out around the house and feeds Christopher.

Nigel is on restaurant with a friend. He talks about Morag’s book she quit writing etc. A mystery guy sitting at table next to them is listening to what that say.

Morag tell Celia about Simon’s criminal record.

Celia tells Steven that one of Simon’s last offences was for setting something on fire.

Roo ask Alf to give Simon a job at his store.

Roo tell Simon that Alf offers him to work in his store. Roo and Simon are happy.

Steven accuses Simon for burning down Celia’s store. Simon gets upset and leaves. Sally heard the argument.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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