Episode 279

Australian Air Date: 6th April 1989
UK Air Date: 12th March 1990
Writer: Greg Stevens
Director: Chris Sheil

Stacey has some shocking news for Philip.

Extended Summary

Steven tells Roo how fantastic Rebecca is.

Stacey says she can’t keep Martin working in her office. She is upset about that he was away from work due to the fight with the biker Meat Axe and for the times when Steven showed him karate moves. And he was missing from work when he looked for Rebecca at beach as well. Tom reckons Stacey shall give Martin a second chance anyway.

Rebecca speaks to Morag. She explains that there are no hard feelings for Morag and Fisher’s affair a long time ago. And Rebecca isn’t upset of Bobby being Fisher’s other daughter either.

Morag invites Rebecca to eat dinner with her and Roo. She accepts and wants to bring a friend to the dinner as well.

Rebecca sees Steven playing cricket with Sally. She suggests that Steven go with her to the dinner. He accepts the offer.

Fisher tells Rebecca he won’t allow her to go to dinner with Morag. And he also say that he don’t want her to spend time with Steven. Rebecca is angry. She agree not to go to Morag for dinner but she won’t stop seeing Steven no matter what.

Fisher speaks to Steven. He tells him about Rebecca’s concert pianist plans and tells Steven to stop spending time with Rebecca.

Steven understands what fisher means since music is so important to her but he says she need some breaks too.

Morag have invited Andrew Foley to the dinner. She wants to speak business to him etc.

Morag told Roo that fisher won’t let Rebecca come to the dinner with them.

Rebecca read a section of Alan’s book to Fisher to make him understand that she can make up her own mind. She says she has the right to learn from experiences without being told what to do. (Emotional music plays)

Stacey tells Ailsa that she is pregnant. Stacey is very worried since she doesn’t know if it is Phil’s or Nicholas baby!

Phil wants to try relationship with Stacey again and he says he wants to marry her.

Rebecca goes to cinema with Steven.

Morag is surprised that Carly is coming with Foley to dinner with them. Morag had expected Andrew to come alone. Morag tell Carly it is ok anyway even though she probably doesn’t mean it.

Ailsa reckon Stacey should tell Phil about her pregnancy.

Stacey accepts Phil’s offer about marriage. She also tells him that she is pregnant. He is very happy. Then she explains that she isn’t sure if it is his baby or Nicholas. He gets sad. She asks if the offer about marriage is still open.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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