Episode 278

Australian Air Date: 5th April 1989
UK Air Date: 9th March 1990
Writer: Bruce Hancock
Director: Chris Sheil

Fisher thinks Bobby is a bad influence on Rebecca and Martin is challenged to a duel.

Final episode.
Final episode.

Extended Summary

Rebecca and Steven get along very good and enjoy spending time together.

The biker tells Martin that Leanne is his girlfriend. Martin argues with the biker. He threatens Martin. The biker says they will fight at lunchtime outside the Diner.

Martin is worried and asks Steven for some karate lessons.

Leanne is very worried that Martin will get hurt in fight between Meat Axe and him.

Steven teaches Martin a few karate moves in the Tom and Pippa’s house. Martin has a hard time!

Rebecca plays a very difficult piece on the piano. Fisher listens to it.

Fisher is very concerned that Rebecca might get distracted in Summer Bay so she won’t practise as much music. He wants her to practise music and nothing else! She doesn’t agree with that.

Steven continues to teach Martin karate. This time they are at the beach.

The Biker (Meat Axe) waits for Martin outside the Diner. Leanne is very worried since she reckons Martin will get hurt in the fight.

Bobby hears Rebecca playing and is very impressed. Bobby says she is very talented.

Rebecca teaches Bobby to play a very simple piece of music on the piano. They play it together. Fisher hears it and is annoyed. He can’t handle that Rebecca gets distracted from her professional music training.

Fisher talks to Rebecca about it again. She gets angry with Fisher for giving her such a hard time.

Martin turns up outside the Diner. He fights with Meat Axe. Martin can’t get in one punch. Leanne and more people try to stop the fight. After a while Leanne hit Meat Axe in the head with an empty glass bottle to stop the fight! He goes crazy. Leanne has to tell Meat Axe that she is going with him since she promised him a couple of months ago. She tells Martin that she is sorry for that. Meat Axe and Leanne drives off on his bike. Martin is depressed.

Rebecca gives Steven a light kiss and they hold hands. Fisher and Celia are worried about it.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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