Episode 277

Australian Air Date: 4th April 1989
UK Air Date: 8th March 1990
Writer: Bruce Hancock
Director: Chris Sheil

There are grave fears for Rebecca’s safety. Martin catches Leanne kissing another man.

First episode. Tough bikie and vice-president of the ‘Skull Suckers Brotherhood’. Leanne’s ex-boyfriend who showed up in the Bay to sweep her off her feet.

Extended Summary

Fisher talks to Ailsa about that Bobby had invited Rebecca to their dinner without checking with him first. Fisher didn’t like the idea.

Bobby and Frank talk to Rebecca.

Bobby finds out that Fisher haven’t told Rebecca that Bobby is his daughter as well.

Rebecca thinks Fisher and Bobby is acting strange. She feels like they talk behind her back.

Fisher thinks that Bobby has told Rebecca everything.

Bobby explains to Fisher that she hasn’t told Rebecca about the fact that she is his other daughter. He is grateful for that.

Martin and Lance meet Rebecca in Frank’s flat. They didn’t know that she didn’t know that Bobby is her half sister. They tell her that. Rebecca gets angry when she find out. She goes out.

Martin and Lance walks at beach looking for Rebecca and is calling out her name to see if she hears them.

They find a bracelet on the beach, which belongs to Rebecca. They think she might have committed suicide! They are worried.

Steven finds Rebecca in a caravan in the caravan park. She is sleeping and wakes up. She says she is sorry. She explains to Steven and they talk about it.

Martin and Lance tell Fisher that they found Rebecca’s bracelet on the beach. He gets very worried as well.

After a while Rebecca comes home to Fisher. He is very relieved.

Fisher explains to Rebecca about Morag and Bobby etc.

Steven doesn’t tell Lance and Martin that he found Rebecca. He plays a long and act as if she is still missing to cause a bit of trouble for them. They realise she must be in the sea so they get snorkels and cyclops and dives around in the water looking for her! (Funny scene with music)

Bobby, Frank, Rebecca and Steven watches Lance and Martin dive around in the sea, looking for Rebecca.

Rebecca dives into water as well to play a joke on them! They get very shocked when they see Rebecca in the water. (Funny scene with music)

Rebecca wants to spend her school holidays in Summer Bay instead. Fisher is concerned she might slack off with her music training (Rebecca is very good at music). She say it is OK. She has brought her flute and Celia has a piano she can practise on.

A big biker guy turns up at the Diner. Martin and Lance see him. The biker is kissing Leanne. Martin gets very upset.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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