Episode 276

Australian Air Date: 3rd April 1989
UK Air Date: 7th March 1990
Writer: Maureen Ann Moran
Director: Chris Sheil

Fisher listens to Bobby’s sensible advice and is a hit with students, but Rebecca’s unexpected arrival makes him fear the worst.

Eleventh appearance, last seen in #253. Gossiped with Celia over Bobby’s latest revelation.
First episode. Donald and Barbara’s daughter. Alan’s sister and Bobby’s half-sister. Alf, Morag and Celia’s niece. Fiesty schoolgirl and musician who had a brief summer fling with Steven during her visit to the Bay.
Laughed at the cartoon of Mr.Fisher.

> Rebecca is 16 years old.
> Two weeks pass between #275 and #276.

Extended Summary

(Two weeks later)

Alf talks to Nigel. Alf explain that he and Ailsa are worried about Roo living with Morag. Alf reckon Morag put bad ideas into Roo’s head.

Someone has put up a drawing outside the Diner. The drawing portraits Fisher as a dictator in school! Steven and Carly see it and think it is funny. Fisher sees it and get very angry!

Morag argues with Nigel and Roo because Alf said he was concerned about Morag’s influence on Roo. She can’t handle Alf’s complaints.

Morag is angry and drinks a lot. She gets very drunk! Roo see it.

Bobby and Frank organise a dinner for Fisher at Frank’s flat. Celia also comes along to eat with them.

Celia congratulates Carly because of her relationship with Andrew Foley.

Bobby had invited Fisher’s daughter Rebecca to their dinner without telling Fisher about it. He gets angry when Rebecca turn up.

Ola Carlsson, 1999