Episode 85

Australian Air Date: 13th May 1988
UK Air Date: 9th June 1989
Writer: Bevan Lee
Director: Chris Adshead

Bobby stuns Ailsa with a confession.

Second appearance, last seen in #66. Spoke to Bobby about her problems with the Fletchers.

Extended Summary

Martin’s car has broken down on the road. Tom and Frank pull by and help him check on the car. Martin makes fun of why Frank will get married to Roo. Martin implies he will marry her just because she is pregnant. Frank gets offended.

Tom and Frank come home. Sally is very excited about the fact that Frank and Roo will get married. Sally wants to be bridesmaid. Frank says he has to ask Roo.

Tom explains to Sally that Pippa is in hospital but that she will be home soon.

Lynn and Sally come to Bobby’s caravan and notice that Bobby is gone along with all her stuff.

Bobby is at Ailsa’s place. Tom comes there and talks to her. Bobby tells Tom that she wants to find another foster home since she is convinced she will cause the death of one of the family.

Tom tries to make Bobby see it isn’t true. Tom shows her the family photo taken when she first moved into the family. Tom wants her to come home with him.

Bobby nearly was about to go home with Tom but she hears Ailsa and Tom talking about Frank marrying Roo. Bobby freaks out and says she is definitely not going home.

Steven talks to Frank. Steven doesn’t think it is a good idea for Frank to marry Roo. Frank doesn’t agree.

Ailsa talks to Bobby and tries to find out what is wrong and the reason why she wants to move away since Ailsa is convinced it isn’t just because of Floss’ prediction.

Ailsa asks Bobby if it has something to do with Roo and Frank. Bobby tells her to go away. Ailsa leaves and say they will talk about it later.

The Fletcher family have some arguments about Bobby. Steven doesn’t seem to want Bobby to live with them if she doesn’t want to. Frank thinks it is because Jeff doesn’t like Bobby.

Tom talks to Steven about it and agrees a bit with Frank that Steven seems to listen a bit too much to what Jeff says.

Ailsa talks to Alf. Ailsa says she wants to marry him and Alf says he also wants it but they both agree they should wait.

Lynn, Frank, Carly and Sally talk to Bobby. They all want her to come home. Sally gives her a drawing that she has made of the family. They all try to talk her into coming home. Bobby gets angry when Frank mentions Roo. She yells at them to get out. Sally nearly cries and Bobby gets emotionally hurt and says she can’t come home.

Alf shows Frank an ad he has put in a newspaper announcing Frank and Roo’s engagement.

Alf will give Frank his job back at the store if he wants it. Frank explains he’d rather find a job on his own. Frank says it nicely so Alf doesn’t get hurt. Alf understands.

Bobby has spoken to Miss Molloy. She wants to find another foster home. Miss Molloy tells Ailsa that Bobby won’t change her mind.

Bobby sees the ad about Frank and Roo in the paper and get sad and angry. Ailsa comes in and talks to her again. She wants her to tell her the other reason why Bobby wants to leave since Ailsa knows it isn’t just for Floss’ prediction.

Bobby owns up to her that she loves Frank and that is why she has to leave town. Bobby feels very bad. Ailsa gets surprised. Ailsa swears she won’t tell anyone about it since Bobby wants it that way.

Ailsa reckons that Bobby is sort of wimping out, and argues about it and Bobby says she will leave no matter what.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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