Episode 84

Australian Air Date: 12th May 1988
UK Air Date: 8th June 1989
Writer: Craig Wilkins
Director: Chris Adshead

Bobby is haunted by Floss’ fatal premonition, while Frank drags Roo out of school to make a jubilant announcement.

First appearance. Local Summer Bay GP. Checked on a pregnant Pippa following her accident with Bobby.
Eighth appearance, last seen in #77. Caused trouble for a pregnant Roo.

Extended Summary

Tom carries Pippa into the house onto the sofa for her to rest. Frank phones for a doctor.

Bobby feels very bad for knocking into Pippa with a bike that the brakes failed to work on.

Bobby comes to Floss and is upset and asks if the Tarot cards are real. Floss tries to calm her down.

Bobby is pretty sure the baby will die and that it will be her fault. She is very upset.

Bobby packs her clothes from the caravan and wants to leave. Floss tries to talk her out of it.

Bobby explains she has to leave.

A doctor has checked Pippa out and there is no serious damage but he wants her in hospital for some extra check-ups.

Alf phones Frank to come over to sort things out. Frank explains Pippa has just had an accident and that he can’t talk to him now.

Tom is about to drive Pippa to hospital. She tells Frank to try to find Bobby since she is worried that Bobby is blaming herself. Bobby sneaks in the bush and hears her.

Fisher is angry with Bobby and yells at her for being absent at school today. Bobby says they had a family crisis today. Fisher doesn’t think it is any serious. Bobby yells at him to go to hell! He gets angry.

Ailsa talks to Bobby about the problem. Bobby explains that she wants to leave and find another foster home.

Frank comes over to Alf’s house and talks to him to sort things out. Alf tells him that he thinks it is good that Frank is standing by Roo and Alf forgives Frank. Frank comes to school and interrupts a class to talk to Roo!

Frank and Roo talk. Fisher sees them and is angry. They explain they will be getting married. Fisher doesn’t believe them.

Miss Patterson wrote a note during class. Foley sees it and she has to read the note out loud. The note says: “Congratulations! Hope it is a boy”. It was meant for Roo. Roo feels bad.

Pippa and Tom are in hospital and look at the baby in ultra sound. The doctor says there is no damage to the baby from the crash. Pippa and Tom are relieved.

Fisher comes over to Alf and talks to him. He explains that he is concerned over Roo. Fisher finds out from Alf that Roo and Frank will be getting married. Fisher asks Alf if he has lost his mind! They argue about it.

Alf also tries to kill a cockroach that is running loose in his house.

Alf tries to hunt the cockroach down. Roo comes in and sees him trying to kill it with a bug spray. Alf missed it this time too. Roo tells Alf she is happy that Alf is OK with her marriage to Frank.

Floss does another tarot reading at home while Bobby is out walking on the beach. Floss tells Neville that is still seems that Bobby will be the death of one of the Fletchers. Floss is totally convinced of it and is very scared.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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