Episode 83

Australian Air Date: 11th May 1988
UK Air Date: 7th June 1989
Writer: Craig Wilkins
Director: Chris Adshead

Alf is confronted by a four-man delegation, while Bobby turns triathelete.

Extended Summary

The next morning, Bobby comes into Lance’s caravan. Lance has a hangover. Bobby tells him that he needs a run on the beach to “clear his head”. Lance runs with Bobby on the beach and gets extremely exhausted! (Funny scene)

Pippa feels the baby moving inside her and is very excited about it.

Roo wants to tell Alf that she and Frank will be getting married. After persuasion, Frank agrees to tell Alf about it but they will wait to say anything about the baby until they are married.

Frank tells Tom and Pippa that he will marry Roo. Tom and Pippa think he should wait with marriage but Frank is determined to get married to Roo.

Roo and Frank tell Alf about their marriage plans. He gets very angry and literally throws Frank out of the house!

Roo and Frank talk together on the beach.

Celia and Alf talk. Celia tries to convince Alf that Roo and Frank are serious about marriage.

Tom asks Frank if there is another reason that he wants to get married with Roo. Frank denies it at first but in the end he tells Tom that Roo is pregnant. Tom and Pippa handle it pretty well.

Alf phones Frank and apologises to him. Frank tells Alf that Roo is pregnant. Alf gets very shocked but remains calm!

Bobby borrows Lance’s bike even though Lance tells her that the brakes are in a very bad state. Bobby is late for school and hurries to get there. Pippa is out collecting the mail and Bobby comes in full speed and crashes right into Pippa! Pippa falls down.

Tom tells Frank to get a doctor out to check on Pippa.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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