Episode 82

Australian Air Date: 10th May 1988
UK Air Date: 6th June 1989
Writer: Neil Luxmoore
Director: Chris Adshead

Neville strikes a sly bargain with his son, while Bobby is provoked by Samuels’ sexist taunts.

Final episode.
Return one-off appearance, last seen in #52. Visited Floss and Neville on Mothers’ Day.
Scott’s wife. Ben’s mother. Visited Floss on Mothers’ Day.

Extended Summary

Scott agrees to talk to Neville after a while as Neville would not take no for an answer. Neville wants to speak to Ben also but Scott would not let him.

Steven is out training hard again on beach. He meets Samuels there.

Neville has managed to talk Scott into visiting Floss on Mother’s Day so Ben, Scott and Anna (Scott’s wife) come to the caravan park and surprise her. They give her flowers and Ben gives her a frisbee as a present. Floss is extremely happy to see them all.

Lance washes his socks by hand and puts them on his feet while they still are wet! He is going to dinner with his mum.

Neville comes home and pretends to be surprised to see Scott, Anna and Ben there. It is obvious that Scott don’t really want to be there at all.

Floss, Anna, Scott, Ben and Neville play with the frisbee down at the beach and have fun together.

Scott, Anna and Ben drive home after a while.

Tom has a surprise for Pippa. He leads her into their bedroom with her eyes closed. He shows her a cot for the baby to sleep in once it is born. She is very happy.

The electricity in the caravan park goes off so it gets dark. After a while, the power comes back on.

Martin comes up with an idea for him and Lance. They’re going to be a Country and Western band.

Bobby is interested in training now and borrows a sports magazine from Steven.

Steven tells Samuels that Tom and Pippa asked him over for dinner. Samuels says he would love to and will come to the dinner. Bobby hates the idea.

Bobby wants to run with Steven on his training sessions but when she finds out Samuels will be there too she skips out of the idea.

Martin and Lance practice for their Country and Western act. Lance is dressed in cowboy clothes and swings a lasso. Martin plays with a guitar. Martin tells Lance to skip the lasso idea!

Samuels has dinner with the Fletchers. He talks about sport all the time.

Bobby tells Steven that she will train on her own and she says she will beat Steven in a triathlon. Steven gets very surprised that she wants to be in it.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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