Episode 81

Australian Air Date: 9th May 1988
UK Air Date: 5th June 1989
Writer: Neil Luxmoore
Director: Chris Adshead

Roo enlists Celia in her scheme and presents Frank with a dramatic fait accompli.

Return episode, last seen in #52. Relented and took the family to visit Floss on Mother’s Day.
Delivered flowers to Mrs Phillips on Mothers’ day.
Caravan park resident who received flowers on Mothers’ Day.

> Steven’s mother was Martha Louise Matheson who died 17/7/1987.

Extended Summary

Celia asks Roo if she is pregnant. Roo admits it.

Celia and Roo talk on the beach about Roo’s pregnancy. Roo does not want to tell Alf about it. She doesn’t tell Celia that Brett is the father to her baby as she wants everyone to think it is Frank is the father.

Roo says the baby is Frank’s and that she wants to marry Frank.

Roo and Celia tell Frank that she is pregnant. He gets shocked. Roo tells him that she wants to marry him. Celia agrees with Roo’s will not to tell anyone under the condition that they get married and after they are married they will tell people about it.

It will be Mother’s Day soon. Sally breaks her piggy bank with a hammer to be able to help to pay for the present for Pippa. Steven doesn’t want to sign a congratulations card for Pippa just because that she isn’t Steven’s real mother. Bobby thinks it is pathetic and tries to get him to change his mind.

The next morning on Mother’s Day, the Fletcher kids surprise Pippa and give her a present (a shirt with text “No 1 Mum”) and they have made breakfast for her. Steven isn’t celebrating Pippa.

Alf drinks a toast to Martha for Mother’s Day.

Floss feels a little uncomfortable this day as Scott never gives her a present or visits her on Mother’s Day.

Sally asks Floss if Ben can come for a visit to Summer Bay again. Floss explains that he can’t come here anymore.

Pippa speaks to her mother, Coral, on the phone and wishes her a good day.

Danny has left Summer Bay again and Coral tells Pippa that Danny is changed and that he enjoys life again (mainly because what Samuels did).

Pippa understands why Steven acted the way he did on Mother’s Day. She understands it feels strange for him since it is his first Mother’s Day without his real mother.

Steven puts flowers on his mum’s grave.

Frank and Roo mess around with each other down at beach. They are running around on beach and have a good time. They lie down and talk.

Neville drives over to Scott’s place. Scott acts very busy and uptight to him. Neville wants Scott to give Floss a card or at least call her on a day such as this.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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