Episode 86

Australian Air Date: 16th May 1988
UK Air Date: 12th June 1989
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Viktors Ritelis

Ailsa takes drastic steps to keep Bobby in Summer Bay, while Pippa receives flowers from a sinister source.

Third appearance, last seen in #85. Advised Ailsa that marriage would help her quest to foster Bobby.

> Alf and Ailsa marry off-screen in this episode.
> Ailsa came to the Bay in June 1987, changing her surname to Hogan to conceal her secret past.

Extended Summary

Miss Molloy speaks to Pippa and Tom in hospital. She suspects that there’s another reason why Bobby wants to leave. Tom and Pippa try to think of a reason.

Miss Molloy says that she will have to obey Bobby’s wishes to find another foster home since she won’t change her mind.

Roo and Frank look at the photos in a photo album that belongs to her. There are photos of her when she was little.

Bobby comes to the hospital and talks to Pippa. Pippa talks about how hurt she and the others in the family will be when Bobby leaves.

Frank sees Bobby in the hospital and talks to her. She is offensive to him.

Celia looks at the wedding dresses in a magazine in Ailsa’s store. She talks about Roo’s wedding. Bobby is jealous and feels angry because of Roo.

Roo looks in wedding magazines as well.

Roo lies to Celia and says that Frank is a Catholic and that they must have a Catholic wedding service. Celia is shocked! Roo tells Alf it was just a joke.

Ailsa talks to Fisher outside school about Bobby. She is concerned as Bobby wants to leave Summer Bay.

Ailsa and Fisher talk to Miss Molloy. She comes up with an idea that she might be able to foster Bobby!

Miss Molloy says it would be OK as long there is no criminal record. Ailsa gets worried and talks to Miss Molloy about it. She explains about the murder of her father. Miss Molloy says it would be a different if she was married and that Alf would share the commitment.

Tom visits Pippa in hospital again. He brings her flowers. They notice another bunch of flowers that were left in the reception for her. They notice the note on the flowers: she reads it and is shocked to discover that it is from the Nutter! The note says: “I am glad you are well and that Frank is doing the right thing by Ruth Stewart. Now I won’t find it necessary to…” Tom gets upset over it.

Ailsa asks Alf if they should get married even though they called it off a while ago.

After a while, Alf and Ailsa have gone to the city and have got married secretly. They tell Roo, Frank and Celia.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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