Episode 87

Australian Air Date: 17th May 1988
UK Air Date: 13th June 1989
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Viktors Ritelis

There is little reaction to Alf and Ailsa’s shock news. Meanwhile, Carly prepares to wow an unsuspecting Foley at the cast party.

Extended Summary

Frank, Roo and Celia talk to Alf and Ailsa about the sudden marriage. Roo looks like she doesn’t really like the fact that they are married.

Alf and Ailsa want to spend a honeymoon night alone together. Roo gets cranky since she isn’t allowed to be there that night. Alf told her to go so that he could be alone with Ailsa.

Lance and Martin rehearse again for their Country and Western act. They do it loudly.

Carly, Lynn and Sally have a hard time with it as they can hear their music into the house!

Alf and Ailsa enjoy their night alone at Alf’s house. They are very happy together.

Bobby phones when she finds out that Alf and Ailsa have got married. She wishes them all the best in their marriage.

When Alf and Ailsa are alone, Martin and Lance turn up and want to show their western act for Alf and Ailsa! Alf kicks them out! (Country music plays)

Frank wants him and Roo to live in a caravan for the time being after they are married. Roo does not think it is a good idea. She wants him to live with her in Alf’s house. After a while she agrees to live in a caravan after all.

Alf puts a flower near the front door of his house. Ailsa thought he wanted to get rid of it so she moves it outside. He notices it and takes it in again.

Bobby is upset and walks on the beach.

Sally looks in a newspaper to help Frank find a full-time job.

Ailsa tells Alf that she wants to foster Bobby. He is very surprised. He says that if Bobby wants that, then he will think about it. Ailsa is happy.

Ailsa asks Bobby if she wants to be fostered by her and Alf. Bobby still wants to leave town to avoid Frank and Roo.

Ailsa wants Bobby to look around Summer Bay for 12 hours before she decides to leave town to see what she will be missing. Ailsa is convinced Bobby will realise how much she will be missing and wants to stay in Summer Bay. Bobby agrees to look around Summer Bay for 12 hours.

Carly has bought a very flashy dress to impress Andrew Foley at a school dance. Lynn and Frank think it is over the top.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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