Episode 88

Australian Air Date: 18th May 1988
UK Air Date: 14th June 1989
Writer: Graham Foreman
Director: Viktors Ritelis

Carly feels humiliated when she overhears a conversation.

Andrew Foley’s city girlfriend. Visited to see him to Carly’s dismay.
Ninth appearance, last seen in #84. Poked fun at Carly’s feelings for Mr Foley.

> Footage from this episode, of Bobby talking to Ailsa in the store about how almost everyone hates her and how she feels unwelcome in Summer Bay, is used as a flashback in #1309.

Extended Summary

Bobby sits at a cafe and thinks about Summer Bay. It rains a lot.

Frank asks Carly why she has gone over the top with her dressing up for the school dance. Lynn says it is to impress Foley.

Tom comes home and also agrees with Frank that Carly’s dress is too flashy. She gets cranky. Lynn and Carly go to the school dance together and Carly still wears the same dress.

Martin and Lance will be playing their western act at the school dance/party.

The school party begins and every one looks at Carly’s dress at first. Foley think she looks nice.

(A lot of people are present at the school party, including Matt, Alison, and Lynn)

Foley’s girlfriend turn up at the party and Carly feels jealous.

Alison teases Carly and she gets upset and goes out to the school corridor and cries a bit. (Emotional music)

Carly overhears Foley and his girlfriend talking about Carly behind her back. Foley’s girlfriend notices that Carly has a crush on him. Foley and his girlfriend kiss as well. Carly feels bad and feels that Foley and his girlfriend made fun of her.

When Martin and Lance are coming to the school to play their western act at the party, Carly talks to them. She says they shouldn’t go inside and play since she only asked them to come there just to get people to laugh at them at how bad they are. Carly says she knows now how much it hurts when someone laughs at you. Martin and Lance will play anyway.

Carly goes home and cries. At home she talks to Tom about it. He tries to cheer her up and laughs about it instead. Carly feels miserable but tries to feel better.

Martin and Lance play their western act at the party. (Martin is on guitar and vocals while Lance is on background vocals, guitar and harmonica). Everybody seems to think they are good and clap hands to the music.

When Steven and Samuels are out jogging at the beach, they see Bobby down at beach too. She is jogging as well.

Martin and Lance put a skull of a dead cow at the front of Martin’s car as a symbol of success with their western act!

Bobby has thought about things she will miss if she leaves Summer Bay. Bobby agrees to stay in Summer Bay just because she would miss Ailsa so much. Ailsa gets very happy and hugs Bobby.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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