Episode 89

Australian Air Date: 19th May 1988
UK Air Date: 15th June 1989
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Viktors Ritelis

Floss and Neville turn their hands to marriage guidance, while Alf and Ailsa clash over Bobby’s sullen behaviour.

Customer at Hogan’s Store.

> Doris Peters is mentioned but not seen.

Extended Summary

Roo and Bobby give each other a hard time.

Neville is fixing a surprise for Floss in their mobile home. It is their 39th anniversary. Neville asks Frank to stay guard outside to warn Neville if Floss is on her way in. Floss is on her way to the van. Neville tells Frank to keep her away from the van for a little while. Frank talks to Floss to make her stay away from the van.

Floss goes into the van after a while and sees the surprise. It is a big heart made of flowers. She is extremely happy. They wish each other a happy anniversary.

Alf tries to come up with what to say to Roo to explain that Bobby will be moving in with them. Alf talks to himself when he thinks of what to say to Roo.

Alf tells Roo about Bobby moving in. She freaks out.

Floss and Neville hear some news from Celia that gives them the idea that Alf and Ailsa aren’t getting along well and that they are fighting. They try to talk about it with Alf and Ailsa. Alf and Ailsa find out what they are going on about and they ask Celia what she said to Floss and Neville. After a while Celia speaks to Floss and Neville and explains that she was mistaken.

Bobby moves into Alf’s house and brings her stuff over. She wants to make sure that Ailsa didn’t just marry Alf to be able to foster her. Bobby speaks to her about it. Ailsa explains that that wasn’t the reason and that she married Alf for the right reasons.

Roo and Frank fix up their caravan. Roo has bought a surprise for Frank. It is two mugs with their names printed on them.

Roo and Bobby try to get along living together in Alf’s house. They watch TV together.

Floss has a nightmare about a car crash. She wakes up and tells Neville that she had a premonition and that she saw which one of the Fletchers that will die! She is very scared…

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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