Episode 90

Australian Air Date: 20th May 1988
UK Air Date: 16th June 1989
Writer: Greg Stevens
Director: Viktors Ritelis

Floss describes her vivid and terrifying premonition. Meanwhile, Fisher catches Carly and Foley in a compromising situation.

Extended Summary

Floss talks to Neville about what happened in her premonition. The car in the crash had registration number LGU 545 and the car was blue. Frank died in the crash in her dream and that he wasn’t married at the time of the crash either. And Bobby was somehow responsible for Frank’s death.

Neville thinks Floss is crazy to believe that this will happen in reality. Floss is very nervous and scared about the whole thing.

Pippa comes home from hospital. Sally and the others welcome her home.

Steven is out running with Jeff and the rest of the sports group. They’re going to the city in Jeff’s van.

Carly tells Lynn that she might drop out of the school play mainly because she is so embarrassed over Andrew Foley and because of the party earlier.

Samuels ask Steven to consider to be fostered by some other family instead of Tom and Pippa! Samuels reckon it is too crowded in Steven’s family to be able to do well in his training. Steven explains he would not leave Tom and Pippa.

Frank continues to fix his and Roo’s caravan that they got free from Tom if they fixed it up. Floss comes in and talks about Bobby. Floss doesn’t say anything about her premonition dream. Frank is puzzled why Floss talks so much about Bobby.

The rehearsals for the school play continue. Carly isn’t there today since she feels embarrassed over what happened at the party earlier.

Carly tells Foley she will quit the school play. He asks her why and she is upset. She cries and explains that she overheard him and his girlfriend talking about her behind her back at the school party earlier. She is very sad and says that she loves him. He comforts her and gives her a hug. Fisher walks in and sees it. He says: “That’s enough”! (Emotional music)

Fisher talks to Foley. Foley explains that nothing really happened between him and Carly. He explains that she was just sad and that he was comforting her. Fisher doesn’t believe it and is angry. He says that they will talk more about it on Monday and that Foley should think of where he wants to be transferred.

Frank has bought a car and drives it to the caravan park. Floss sees the car and notices it is a blue car with registration number LGV 545!! Floss freaks and talks to Neville about it. She says her premonition have come true. She says it must have been a V instead of a U in the registration number on the car in her dream. Everything else is exactly as in the dream. Floss is terrified.

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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