Episode 2

Australian Air Date: 19th January 1988
UK Air Date: 14th February 1989
Writer: Greg Haddrick
Director: Riccardo Pellizerri

Bobby and Fisher clash over her decision to re-enrol at school, while Martin bungles an attempt to seduce Carly.

Extended Summary

Martin and Lance notice Carly is in trouble out in the water. Bobby say it’s an act (but Carly really is in trouble). Carly can’t struggle anymore in water and Martin notice she sinks under water. Martin jumps in and rescues her! Martin takes Carly home. Carly is very dazed. The Fletchers are surprised and scared over what could have happened.

Floss is still very worried over the tarot reading with death in it. Neville becomes upset and say there’s no truth in the cards.

Carly talks to Pippa. She is scared over what happened in water. Carly is also upset since Bobby’s plan didn’t work!

Floss tells Bobby about the death-reading in the tarot cards. Bobby doesn’t believe it at all.

Pippa thinks Bobby should start school. Bobby thinks it would be better to have a job instead but understand Pippa’s point about an education.

Bobby walks to school. Fisher sees her and doesn’t want her around school! He’s grumpy especially since Bobby was expelled earlier. Bobby talks to Walter Bertram (headmaster of the school) about starting school again. Walter is very surprised and he needs to know Bobby really wants to start school again. She says she understand she need an education.

Martin tries to impress Carly but she doesn’t like him at all! Matt comes by to give Carly flowers. Martin tells him she’s not interested in Matt, so he left the flowers with Martin instead. Martin gives the flowers to Carly. She gets angry of what he told Matt so she hit Martin with the flowers!

Fisher and Walter argues. Fisher doesn’t want Bobby to start school but he really has no say in it since Walter is the headmaster.

Pippa is fixing the school uniforms for the kids.

Carly and Bobby are more friendly to each other now. They talk a lot about Bobby’s mum and about how bad Bobby’s father was when she lived with him (Al Simpson).

Floss talks to Bobby about going back to school. Floss tell her not to cause trouble for Fisher. Bobby says, “If he wants a fight, I’ll make sure he gets one!”

Ola Carlsson, 1999

Guest Cast


First appearance. Original Summer Bay High headmaster.

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