Episode 18

Australian Air Date: 10th February 1988
UK Air Date: 8th March 1989
Writer: Bevan Lee
Director: Mark Piper

Pippa faces the spectre of death in the wake of her shock discovery. Alf teases Frank about his amorous exploits.

Extended Summary

Pippa and Tom are in bed talking about herself being pregnant. There is a risk that she would not survive while she is giving birth.

Neville tries to explain to Sally how his bagpipe works. He tells her that there’s a small person living in it who makes it work!

Pippa wants to keep the baby but Tom doesn’t want to risk it since Pippa could die. He wants the baby very much but there’s too big a risk to take. They agree to discuss it with a specialist for some advice.

Tom and Pippa tell the family about the baby. Everyone is very happy except for Sally because she is worried she will get “kicked out” of the family when the baby arrives! Pippa explains to her that there’s no risk of that happening: Sally then cheers up.

Frank organises a family meeting during the night while Pippa and Tom are in bed. Frank says everyone has to help out because he thinks there may have been too much stress for Pippa lately and points out that stress cannot be good for the baby.

The next morning, the kids prepare breakfast for Tom and Pippa, much to the surprise of their foster parents.

Lynn wants to move into Bobby’s caravan.

Neville discovers his bagpipe has been cut up. He thinks the culprit may be Martin or Lance. He is very upset.

Lynn begs Fisher not to expel her for Pippa’s sake.

Alf gets very angry at Frank in his store for some reason.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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