Episode 17

Australian Air Date: 9th February 1988
UK Air Date: 7th March 1989
Writer: Bevan Lee
Director: Mark Piper

Lynn comes to the rescue when Bobby faces expulsion from school. Meanwhile, Tom woos Celia over to the pro-Nico camp.

Extended Summary

Fisher phones the police regarding the graffiti on the school lockers. He speaks to Bobby about it since she was caught with a spray can in her hands. She insists she didn’t do it. She says it has already been sprayed on when she picked up the spray can.

Roo and Frank are down at beach swimming and having fun. They fall deeper in love. Roo has skipped school to be with Frank at beach.

The police carry out a fingerprint investigation on the spray can and it seems there is only Bobby’s fingerprints on it. She still insists she didn’t do it.

Lynn comes to Fisher’s office and admits she’s responsible for the spraying. Fisher thinks she’s only saying this just to save Bobby. Bobby tells Lynn that she is actually responsible for the spraying. Lynn insists she will take the blame anyway even though Bobby tries to talk her out of it.

Pippa goes to a doctor because she has felt sick since a while back.

Lynn tells Pippa she sprayed on the lockers. Pippa gets very angry but calms down after a while.

Tom convinces Celia to change her mind about supporting Fisher in his plans to get rid of Nico. Fisher wants Nico to be locked away.

Fisher tells Tom that Lynn has sprayed on the school lockers. Tom is very angry at Lynn.

Pippa tells Tom that she is pregnant even though they have always thought that she can never get pregnant.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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