Episode 16

Australian Air Date: 8th February 1988
UK Air Date: 6th March 1989
Writer: Bevan Lee
Director: Mark Piper

Battle lines are drawn as pro and anti-Nico factions are mobilised. Fisher tries to extract a compromising confession from Lynn.

> Dag Dog is named in this episode.

Extended Summary

Lynn meets the dog Pippa had bought earlier. Lynn likes it very much and names it Dag Dog.

Ailsa tries to change Fisher’s mind about his petition to get Nico locked away.

Fisher talks to Lynn in his office. He thinks Nico sexually exploited her and that she is trying to hide it. Lynn tries to convince him that Nico is not like that and she get very angry at those sort of accusations.

Someone sprays “The only Dummy of Summer Bay is Fisher” on the school lockers. Then Fisher sees it and catches Bobby holding a spray can.