Episode 15

Australian Air Date: 5th February 1988
UK Air Date: 3rd March 1989
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Chris Adshead

Nico and Lynn are finally cornered, while Floss tries to save Mrs Pappas from the terror tactics of small-town vigilantes.

Extended Summary

Nico and Lynn are in Nico’s barn. Nico tells Lynn the stories from when he was out and about. He says that he managed to ignore Lance and Martin, and that he doesn’t need the pills anymore. Nico also shows Lynn a picture he found stuck up all over the place. It’s the drawing that Sally had been making in the previous episode of Lynn and the dog. Nico can’t recognise Lynn’s name. He can only read his own.

Frank and Alf pick Tom up from the road gang. When Barlow asks what he’s going to do if a car comes along, Tom suggests that he holds it, his daughter is more important. Alf talks to Frank and Tom about Nico as they arrive at the Pappas farm. Nico sees the car arriving and runs into the barn. Mrs Pappas sees Nico running into the barn and shouts something in Greek. Frank, Tom and Alf walk over to Mrs Pappas, but they get nowhere because of Mrs Pappas’ lack of English and decide to go ask Nico. They show Nico a photo of Lynn, but he says that he hasn’t seen her. Lynn runs out the barn and Frank, Tom and Alf run towards her. Mrs Pappas rants at Nico in Greek. They tell Lynn they’ve got her new dog, but she says that they will probably have him killed as well when he starts barking. Lynn runs away, they go to chase after her, but Nico stops them and there’s a kerfuffle. Later they are all in the kitchen at the Pappas house and Mrs Pappas is upset at Nico having been taken away.

At Ailsa’s store, Pippa is on the phone to Frank about the situation at the Pappas farm. Fisher then says they have to do something about Nico, whilst Pippa isn’t so sure. Fisher takes his groceries and goes.

Lynn walks along a dust track. She sees Alf’s jeep coming and hides in the bushes at the side of the road.

Pippa (who must have had a short shift at the shop seeing as how she has got to the shop, served Fisher and got back home in the time that Frank, Tom and Alf have been away) tells Sally to tidy up the table. Sally has been making a cake to welcome Sally home. Frank and Tom come in and tell Sally that they found Lynn, but she’s run away again. They suggest to Sally that she continues to make the cake for Lynn when she does come home, but Sally says she’s no longer in the mood. Tom has received a note from Baldivis about Barlow complaining about him taking off from work.

Lynn sits in a shelter next to a road. She looks at Sally’s poster.

Neville and Floss talk about whether Floss should go around to comfort Mrs Pappas. Neville says Floss would be no use, but Floss reminds him of the time he comforted Oscar, the Hungarian Strongman, when they were part of the circus. Floss goes around to Mrs Pappas’ and they struggle to communicate. Some vandals throw a rock through the kitchen window and shout abuse. Floss says that Mrs Pappas should come and spend the night with her and Neville. Mrs Pappas says that she hasn’t left the farm for twenty years, but ultimately decides to go.

Frank, Tom and Pippa are downstairs in Summer Bay House. Frank tries to come up with an advert for the car. Tom decides it’s time to go out looking for Lynn again, but Pippa says that Lynn has to make the decision to come home. They have an argument and Tom storms out to look for Lynn.

Lynn sits under a bridge looking at Sally’s poster.

Pippa and Tom discuss their argument from the previous night. Just as Tom is about to leave to look for Lynn again, she walks in. Lynn goes upstairs to see Sally who is over the moon to see her. Floss brings Mrs Pappas to Summer Bay House and she phones Sergeant Barnett who reveals he’s caught the vandals and that there’s a surprise at the farm.

Mrs Pappas returns to the farm. Nico has been released by the police.

Fisher comes round to try and get Alf to sign his petition to have something done about Nico. Alf tries to change the subject by talking about golf and water-skiiing. He tells Don that if he wasn’t brother-in-law, he would have lost it. Fisher says Alf that he’ll get rid of Nico, with or without his support.

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