Episode 115

Australian Air Date: 24th June 1988
UK Air Date: 21st July 1989
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Peter Andrikidis

Bobby turns rebel. Meanwhile, there appears to be a sinister ulterior motive for Samantha’s presence in Summer Bay.

Extended Summary

Bobby comes storming into the store and tells Ailsa that Frank knows how she feels about him, accusing her of blabbing.As she storms out, she bumps into Celia and, when she acts affronted, tells her to stick her head up a drain pipe.Celia tries to complain to Ailsa but she pushes past her as well, following Bobby down onto the beach.She tells Bobby that she didn’t tell Frank anything he didn’t already know and that she wouldn’t have won her trust just to throw it away.Bobby seems to accept the explanation but says that, although he tried to let her down gently, Frank left her feeling like a silly kid with a crush.She says he’s done her a favour, since she went soft trying to make him notice her and now she can get back to being the real her.In his hospital room, Frank looks at the magazine Bobby gave him with her dedication in the front and smiles.

Neville and Floss have just finished cleaning Bobby’s caravan when Bobby comes storming past and says she preferred it dirty.She goes into the caravan, slamming the door, and emerges a few minutes later wearing scruffy clothes instead of her school uniform.Donald is talking to Barbara at the school, saying he needs to see her in the office later, when Bobby arrives back.Donald has a go at her about her lack of uniform and tells her to go home and change but Bobby reminds him that the rule book says students can dress casually if they like.

Ailsa is serving Celia at the store with Celia trying to find out why Bobby was in a bad mood.Ailsa snaps at Celia, pointing out she’ll stop people talking about Roo and have a go at Doris Peters for gossiping about Barbara but treat other people’s families just as badly.Alf comes in and asks Celia how things are at home. Celia says he could go and see for himself and suggests Ailsa save some of her vitriol for people who abandon their families.Alf asks Ailsa what’s going on and she tells him Bobby’s in love with Frank, which was why she didn’t want to live with Tom and Pippa, and now he’s told her she’s wasting her time.Alf thinks other kids get over stuff like that but Ailsa replies that they don’t have criminal fathers.

Barbara is in Donald’s office signing some paperwork and they discuss Bobby’s changed attitude.Donald apologises for not asking about the children earlier:He asks about Rebecca’s music, with Barbara saying she’s almost ready to give recitals, but has difficulty thinking of anything to say about Alan.He says Alan refuses to acknowledge him but Barbara says Donald is only interested in a son who’ll conform.Just as they seem about to leave it on bad terms, Donald tells her that the department sent her teacher training assessments and he found them impressive.

Pippa is cleaning the house when Floss comes in looking for more sponges.She asks if Bobby still holds a grudge against them over the tarot reading and Frank’s accident, given how snappy she was earlier.Neville comes in to collect the cleaning products, he intends to do the rest of the caravans as he and Floss have more spare time than Carly.In her caravan, Samantha is even more bored, the taps aren’t working and she’s resorting to doodling on her magazines.Neville heads for the caravan but as he’s about to go inside Floss calls out to him, saying Pippa’s stereo isn’t working and they need his help.Samantha hears them and is relieved when Neville turns away.As he’s almost back at the house, Pippa tells him she’s found the manual and can work it out.Neville goes back to the caravan and finds Samantha there but thinks she’s Carly and she’s dressing casually for school as well.He points out lunch break’s over and sends her on her way, after prompting her to thank him for doing the cleaning.

Martin visits Frank in hospital and Frank asks him how Bobby is.Martin says he saw her and she nearly bit his head off.Frank thinks he may have done the wrong thing speaking to her.(Frank’s put-upon neighbour is now reading a book and looks unhappy at yet another interruption.)Frank asks Martin if he knows of any rooms going, since he’s decided to move out of Tom and Pippa’s.Martin tells him that he’s told his parents he’s moving out as well and suggests they get a place together.

Barbara comes home loaded down with syllabuses.Celia tells her about her run-in with Bobby and Barbara says it might explain her attitude in class but won’t go into details.Celia backs off, commenting on her failed attempts to break her addiction to gossip, including the chewing gum technique.Barbara says Donald seems to be viewing her as an equal for the first time.She goes to see Alf at the bottle shop;he apologises for not going to see her earlier and she remarks that it’s because she lives with Roo.She tries to get him to go easy on her but Alf says that he’s done everything he can for her and she went and lied to Frank about him being a father and nearly got him killed.Barbara points out that Roo did tell the truth before it was too late and tells him that if he carries on being stubborn it’ll reach the point where Roo will need to forgive him.

Martin sees Samantha sitting on the beach and, thinking she’s Carly, asks her what’s going on between her and Lance.Samantha tells him he’ll have to ask Lance and borrows some money off him.She makes a call from a phone box and asks if they have to go through with the plan:”She” fell for the story but Samantha is bored in Summer Bay.The person on the other end of the phone doesn’t seem in the mood to change their mind so Samantha reluctantly agrees to carry on.

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