Episode 116

Australian Air Date: 27th June 1988
UK Air Date: 24th July 1989
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Andrew Friedman

Confusion grows in Summer Bay as several sightings of Carly are reported. Samantha arranges a secret rendezvous with Lance.

Return episode, last seen in #7. Secretly faked Samantha’s disappearance in a bid to gain publicity.

Extended Summary

Carly and Lynn are heading home from school when they run into Lance, who wants to run over some details with Carly for her appearance as the “Passion Girl” on Saturday.He is annoyed that Lynn knows about it and makes Carly promises not to tell anyone else.In the house, Tom is getting ready for his interview at the school.Carly and Lynn come in and Pippa tells them Neville has cleaned the caravans for them.Carly covers up her horror and they rush out to Samantha’s caravan, finding it empty.They realise no-one can have found her so Lynn goes out to look for her, since Carly can’t be seen with her.

Tom runs into Bobby at the school and wonders why she’s not in uniform.She says she got tired of it.Tom meets with Donald in the office for his interview as janitor.Donald tells him he’ll need someone that’s committed to the job and Tom assures him he’ll be there for at least twelve months.The interview is briefly interrupted when Donald gets a phone call from Barbara about arranging an astronomy excursion.Donald reminds Tom he has four children at the school and they might have problems with him working there.Tom asks if Donald is looking for reasons not to hire him and Donald assures him that isn’t the case.

Bobby is helping to make dinner while Lance looks for a newspaper, since he needs to cut out a coupon. Bobby tells him Tom will be back with one later and invites him to stay for dinner, then gets him to peel the potatoes.Lance tells her she seems more like the person she used to be than the person she’s been recently.Lynn goes up to her room and tells Carly she couldn’t find Samantha.Carly doesn’t want to go downstairs in case someone who’s seen Samantha somewhere else sees her.Lynn goes down and tries not to answer Pippa’s questions about where Lynn is.Tom comes home and Lance grabs the paper off him: Pippa tells Tom that Bobby invited Lance to dinner but now she’s disappeared.Tom announces he’s got the job.Lance is horrified to see that the newspaper headline is about Samantha being missed, presumed kidnapped.Martin turns up wanting to talk to Lance and gets himself a dinner invite as well.Lynn sees the headline, grabs the paper and runs upstairs.Samantha goes back to her caravan with a paper and also sees the headline, smiling to herself.

Lynn shows Carly the article and they realise how much trouble they could get in from Welfare if it turns out Samantha was there.They head out through the house where Tom, Pippa, Lance and Martin are having dinner.Martin explains his parents aren’t feeding him at the moment since he came home drunk.Lance says he doesn’t feel like eating and leaves.Tom, Pippa and Martin are left thinking they’re missing something. Lynn and Carly confront Samantha with the article and say she has to leave before the police find her there. Samantha tries to get their sympathy again then wins them round by offering to call the police and the paper and say she hasn’t been kidnapped.

The following morning, Lance and Martin are holed up in Floss and Neville’s caravan, which Martin is using as a base to spy on some girls staying at the caravan park and see what they’re interested in.Lance tells him about the scam he had going with Carly, to have her pose as Samantha, and how he’s worried that now it won’t happen he won’t get the $50 he paid her back.They see Samantha going into her caravan and, thinking she’s Carly, confront her about the money.Samantha flirtatiously tells Lance that he’ll get the money back “with interest” if he goes to “her” room that night via the ladder and that she’ll make sure Lynn’s out of the way.During the night, Lance climbs up the ladder into the girls’ room, with Martin waiting at the bottom.In her caravan, Samantha hears Carly and Lynn screaming and smiles.

Carly and Lynn realise the intruder is Lance but don’t stop pelting him with cushions.Tom and Pippa come in and Lance claims he was looking for the bathroom.They ask Lynn to wait outside and Pippa manages to work out from Lance’s stammerings that someone told him Carly wanted him to come and see her.Lance says he actually does need the bathroom and they let him go.

The following morning, Tom and Pippa are wondering what’s got into the three girls lately and wonder if Frank coming home that afternoon will improve matters.Bobby pops into the house, still in a bad mood and out of uniform.Tom tries to warn her that if she keeps up the attitude no-one will care about her but she accuses him of just being worried she’ll make him look bad with Donald and that she isn’t sucking up to anyone anymore.Carly and Lynn come downstairs with Carly having worked out Samantha sent Lance to her room but they tell Pippa they think it was Alison.

Carly goes out to Samantha’s caravan and tells her she has to leave now.Samantha tries to get her to let her stay until she sees a car pulling up outside and suddenly agrees to leave.At the house, Tom, Pippa and Lynn are confronted by George Morris, who insists he knows Samantha’s there and demands she’s returned to him or he’ll call the police.He and Tom go outside, with Tom insisting Samantha isn’t there, but he’s stopped in his tracks by the sight of Carly and Samantha walking across the caravan park together. Samantha looks pleased.Carly looks worried.

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