Episode 114

Australian Air Date: 23rd June 1988
UK Air Date: 20th July 1989
Writer: Susan Hore
Director: Peter Andrikidis

The girls endeavour to hide Carly’s twin sister from the rest of the family.

> Samantha’s body-double is played by Samantha Barty in this episode.

Extended Summary

Bobby complains about Frank sticking up for Roo at the hospital while Carly gestures for Lynn to deal with her.Lynn calls Bobby over to the window, saying she saw a man creeping about outside.When Bobby joins her, Carly slips out from under the bed and sneaks out of the room.She knocks on the bathroom door for Samantha but then Sally appears, wanting to use the bathroom.Carly tells her Lynn is in the bathroom and she’s ill and promises to get Sally when it’s free.Carly heads downstairs and goes outside.Samantha follows her but bumps into Sally coming out of the laundry.Sally, thinking she’s Carly, wonders why she’s wearing different clothes.Samantha abruptly fobs her off by persuading her to go upstairs and use the bathroom. Carly takes Samantha to a caravan.

Sally goes into the girls’ room to see Lynn and Bobby.She is puzzled since Carly told her Lynn was ill but Lynn told Bobby Carly was ill.She is also puzzled by Carly’s change of clothes and thinks Floss must have done a spell on her, since the children at school says she’s a witch.Bobby tells her Floss isn’t a witch and Sally leaves, more confused than ever.Carly comes back in, now wearing the dressing gown Samantha had on before, and Bobby finally gets a chance to moan about Frank and Roo.

A tipsy Martin turns up at the hospital to see Frank in the middle of the night, on his way to a party and with several cans of beer.(Again, the patient in the next bed seems very unhappy at having his sleep interrupted).Frank tells him what Narelle said about Bobby liking him but Martin says Bobby has never liked a boy for very long.Frank asks Martin to ask Ailsa to come and see him.Despite Frank reminding him he has a party to go to and that the night staff will throw him out if they find him, Martin settles down in a chair with a pillow and looks like he’s going to be there a while.

Carly and Lynn are in bed.Lynn asks Carly why they’re helping the obnoxious and ungrateful Samantha and Carly explains Samantha spoke fondly of their mother and said she loved her so she thinks her mother would want her to help Samantha.Lynn asks her how she knows Samantha was telling the truth.In her caravan, Samantha gives a satisfied smile.The following morning, Lynn is crossing the caravan park with a bundle when she bumps into Neville.She says she is taking some old clothes to the charity shop but asks him not to tell Tom and Pippa because they can’t really afford to give clothes away.She goes to Samantha’s caravan and gives her the clothes and some food and drink.Samantha isn’t exactly happy with the conditions.Lynn tells her she and Carly had better stay apart so no-one sees them together.At the house, Bobby is teasing Carly for breaking her diet(unaware Samantha ate the food).Neville comes in looking for Tom, who’s taking Pippa to an appointment.He offers to give the caravans a clean and Bobby gives him permission but Carly says she was going to do it.Lynn is annoyed when she finds out, since not only could they have got rid of Samantha but they now have to clean the caravans.

Ailsa goes to see Frank, who is now walking in the hospital grounds.At first she insists she isn’t going to betray any confidences but when she realises Frank already knows Bobby likes him, she acknowledges that it’s true.Frank says he’s always just thought of Bobby as one of the lads.Ailsa thinks he should just ignore it but Frank says he can’t do that.Ailsa tells him he’s the first person Bobby’s fallen for and he needs to be careful.

Bobby takes Roo aside at school and tells her she’s not going to ignore her anymore.Roo asks if she’s calling a truce for Frank’s sake and Bobby says she can call it that if she wants.Barbara comes over and asks if they’re all right and the girls assure her everything’s fine.Bobby also apologises for the trick in her class.Later, Barbara’s class are having a debate on the dole and Barbara pairs them up to discuss arguments:Carly is with Matt, which they both seem pleased about, and Bobby is with Roo.Bobby protests and when Barbara asks Roo, she agrees it isn’t a good idea.Barbara swaps Carly and Roo, so Roo is with Matt.Carly isn’t happy with Bobby.

Floss and Neville are putting the washing out and worrying it’s going to rain.Sally, who’s supposed to be at school, turns up and says Dag Dog keeps following her and she doesn’t want him to get hurt.She asks Floss to put a spell on him so he’ll fall asleep.Floss says she isn’t a witch but Sally says she must be, since she changed Carly’s clothes.Neville and Floss agree to look after Dag Dog and Sally leaves, confused again.In her caravan, Samantha is looking bored.Floss decides to dry the washing on a clothes horse in the house while Neville ties Dag Dog up outside.They worry about Carly cleaning all the caravans herself and decide to surprise her by making a start on them.

Bobby goes to see Frank in the hospital grounds and give him a music magazine with the dedication “To Frank, The Boss says get well soon, Love Bobby x”.She tells him about what’s going on at school and that she’s going easy on Roo now but Frank suddenly stops and tells her he knows how she feels and that her telling him she loved him wasn’t a dream.Bobby looks very uncomfortable.

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