Episode 5169

Australian Air Date: 23rd September 2010
UK Air Date: 4th November 2010
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: David Gould

Paulie and Angelo reconcile. Leah calls Elijah who agrees, if all works out well, they should commute. Mitzy tells Marilyn she’s dying.

Extended Summary

Paulie is still furious at Angelo for contacting their parents and telling them about Paulie’s debt. Angelo is simply trying to teach him a lesson – he can’t continue to throw money around. Charlie tells Paulie that Angelo wants him to take some responsibility for not only the restaurant fire but also for his own financial future. Some good comes out of Angelo’s meddling as his parents soon offer to pay Paulie’s debt. With their constant fighting continuing, Charlie decides to intervene as she gets Angelo and Paulie in a room talking. They soon make up with both of them realising their own mistakes and deciding that family comes first. As Angelo drives him back to the city, Paulie reveals he has finally got what he came to Summer Bay for, his family back.

Leah is preparing to head off to Africa with VJ to see Elijah but she’s worried the trip will be for nothing. She wonders whether she should continue to make plans about commuting back and forth or if she’s jinxing it by thinking about it too much. But when Miles questions Leah as to how Elijah thinks it will all work, he can see her hesitance and Leah comes clean – she hasn’t actually spoken to Elijah about the details of commuting. After seeing her putting it off all day, Colleen soon convinces Leah to call Elijah, and she is relieved to hear that he’s been thinking the exact same thing.

Marilyn is suddenly curious when Mitzy feels sick after a meal at the diner, and she can sense that Mitzy isn’t being completely honest with her. Marilyn’s concerns are right as Mitzy reveals the next day that she has inoperable lung cancer and is dying.

Guest Cast

VJ Patterson (Felix Dean)
Paolo Rosetta (Ryan Johnson)
Mitzy Fraser (Helen Dallimore)

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