Episode 5170

Australian Air Date: 24th September 2010
UK Air Date: 5th November 2010
Writer: James Walker
Director: David Gould

Mitzy collapses. Penn is once again threatening Alf and Miles. Marilyn and Sid argue about Mitzy’s predictions.

Extended Summary

Marilyn is reeling from the fact that Mitzy doesn’t have long to live. Marilyn doesn’t understand why Mitzy didn’t tell her sooner, but she explains that she didn’t want Marilyn to think that was the only reason she came to the bay.

Marilyn rushes to Sid’s side, teary over Mitzy’s condition. Marilyn thinks that perhaps Mitzy’s condition was the reason she spontaneously kissed Dex. But Sid also wonders if Mitzy told Marilyn her end date so that Mitzy had someone else to experience an end date with. Marilyn is furious at his assumption and Sid tries to apologise over the phone – but as she just listens and does not answer him, we’re wondering if she will ever forgive Sid.

John is having weird dreams about death since his heart attack, which worries him as he’s never been one to worry about things like that. Sid explains that it will pass, and that perhaps these thoughts will help him to slow things down.

Penn watches as Miles and Marilyn talk near the surf club. During this he is talking to himself and in doing so, Penn mentions that he’s going to ‘get them’ and it’s clear he has a plan – but what is it? When Penn calls in to the restaurant he is once again being threatening and Miles warns Penn to ‘stay away’ from Alf. Penn assures Miles he’s not going anywhere.

Dex notices Mitzy looking rather glum in the diner and he asks her what’s wrong Mitzy tells Dex she has cancer and he too is shocked. While walking home that evening, Dex and Mitzy are getting alone fine when suddenly Mitzy collapses falling to the ground.

Guest Cast

John Palmer (Shane Withington)
Penn Tiberius Graham (Christian Clark)
Mitzy Fraser (Helen Dallimore)

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