Episode 5171

Australian Air Date: 27th September 2010
UK Air Date: 8th November 2010

Mitzy learns that she has a brain tumour. Bianca struggles with her feelings for Vittorio. Romeo is distracting Indi at work. Dex buys a fish and meets Adrian.


Written by Chelsea Cassio
Directed by Danny Raco

Extended Summary

Mitzy is rushed into the ED after her collapse. Sid and Dex are there when she wakes up, and Sid explains that she had a seizure. Mitzy is confused by this, given that she has lung cancer, and Sid wants to do some tests to get to the bottom of it. A distraught Marilyn arrives, desperately worried for her friend. After a CAT scan, Sid breaks the news that Mitzy has an inoperable brain tumour and may only have weeks to live. Mitzy is struggling with the news, but Marilyn comforts her, promising to be with her friend until the end.

The next day, Sid confronts Mitzy, convinced that she made up Marilyn’s ‘end date’ just so she had someone to go through her own cancer with. He asks Mitzy to come clean and free Marilyn from the ‘curse’ she’s placed her under. Mitzy is furious about the accusation and asks Marilyn to take her home, she doesn’t want to be anywhere near the hospital. Clearly Mitzy is agitated and Marilyn is concerned – what has happened to upset her friend?

Bianca is confused about her feelings for Vittorio. She is attracted to him but just can’t forget the fact he cheated on her. Now he’s in the Bay, wanting to spend time with her, she doesn’t know what to do. When Vittorio asks her out for dinner, Bianca tells him she can’t make it – she has school work to do. Later, Vittorio finds Bianca at the Diner and she has no choice but to join him. They talk and she explains she’s trying to move on, but then she looks into his eyes and sees possibility. They are also being swamped by the paparazzi, another factor that has been upsetting Bianca. Vittorio tells her not to worry, he’ll fix the paps. Later, when she stumbles upon Vittorio giving a press conference about why he’s in the Bay, her heart melts and she’s confused once again. Things are going well and it seems the couple may be getting back together, until Alf mentions Liam Murphy. Vittorio is confused and insists Bianca tell him about herself and this Murphy.

Indi and Romeo are having a great time with one another. But when Romeo’s presence at the Diner starts to interfere with Indi’s work there, Irene and Colleen are none too pleased. Romeo is put to work in the kitchen to make up for all the distraction he’s been causing, but far from being upset at his punishment, Romeo couldn’t be happier. This way he gets to spend more time with Indi and for Romeo, nothing could be better.

Dex is still pinning over Marilyn, and Indi and Romeo’s fawning over each other isn’t helping matters. Dex has bought a book to help with his problem and after looking at it, Indi suggests he find someone else, someone who actually loves him. Dex heads to a pet store where he falls for a fish, and where he catches the eye of the female shop assistant Adrian who notes his strangeness. He names the fish Marilyn and it looks like this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

Scene cut from episode:
Meanwhile, Irene tells Bianca that maybe Vittorio’s still following her around because she’s never officially ended things with him. Bianca is given food for thought.

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