Episode 5168

Australian Air Date: 22nd September 2010
UK Air Date: 3rd November 2010
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: David Gould

Following his heart attack, Gina and Xavier realise they could have lost John. Angelo calls his parents and tells them Paulie’s in debt. Ruby is shocked to discover Liam has left town.

Extended Summary

After his disagreement with Xavier, John has had a heart attack and is lying on the driveway. After a short time alone Penn is passing by and gives him CPR and calls the ambulance, John is rushed to hospital where they stabilise him.

Xavier and Gina rush to the hospital where Sid informs them of the situation – he’s optimistic but cannot be certain that there won’t be more complications in the next 24 hours. They’re led through to see him, Xavier racked with guilt, and they both spend the night at the hospital.

Meanwhile Paulie is calling everyone he knows, asking for money to get himself out of debt. Charlie thinks the best thing Angelo can do is to call his parents and tell them about Paulie. Angelo decides Charlie’s right and he makes the call to his parents, explaining all about the debt and truth about him covering for Paulie about the fire years ago. Paulie is furious at Angelo for intervening.

Ruby has just got out of rehab and now has to deal with everyone she sees asking how she is. Ruby is shocked and saddened to discover from Irene that Liam has left town, and no one knows when he’ll be back. Fortunately Xavier seems to be the one she can rely on and helps her through her first day back at school.

Penn continues to blackmail Alf when he bumps into him at the hospital, saying that he’ll tell the whole town about Alf’s affair with Tulip if Alf decides to dob Penn in for breaking and entering.

Gina is also going through a sad time trying to be beside John as much as possible, she visits him once again and tells him that she wants to be there for him and that she loves him, John reciprocates.

Guest Cast

John Palmer (Shane Withington)
Penn Tiberius Graham (Christian Clark)
Paolo Rosetta (Ryan Johnson)

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