Episode 5167

Australian Air Date: 21st September 2010
UK Air Date: 2nd November 2010
Writer: Sandy Webster
Director: David Gould

Just when they were becoming friends, John may have ruined his relationship with Xavier for good. Liam leaves the Bay due to his argument with Bianca. Romeo tells Indi he loves her too.

Extended Summary

After her passionate kiss with Vittorio, Bianca is shocked to see that Liam has witnessed the whole thing. Liam is angry and hurt that Bianca felt the need to lie to him about Vittorio showing up. Bianca also made it seem as though Liam and her were close but then she goes and kisses her ex. Bianca isn’t sure what feels worse, the fact she kissed Vittorio or the fact she broke Liam’s heart in the process.

Bianca meets with Vittorio again where he tries to win her over, but she is still unsure if she can ever trust him again. During all the chaos, Liam makes a snap decision to leave his job and Summer Bay. Bianca goes to stop him but she’s too late.

Indi continues to be upset over her break up with Romeo and nothing Dex says is cheering her up. With Liam leaving town, it gives Romeo momentum to be more clear about how he feels towards Indi. He goes to see her and apologises for their argument and is finally able to tell her that he loves her too.

Gina wants John to tell April and Xavier that he knows they misled him over the hybrid bus service. John isn’t ready to let them off the hook just yet, but for Gina’s sake he agrees to tell the kids the next day. Plus John is starting to feel guilty about lying to Xavier especially when Xavier wants to make things work at home with John and Gina. When Xavier and April accidentally find out from Gina that John’s been lying, Xavier is deeply hurt and mostly because he felt that he and John were becoming friends.

John approaches Xavier to apologise, and whilst he does try to explain to Xavier that he was going to tell him soon, Xavier does not want to listen. Just as Xavier is walking away John falls to the ground with a heart attack, Xavier does not see this and continues on his way while John is lying lifeless on the ground next to the car.

Guest Cast

John Palmer (Shane Withington)
Prince Vittorio Seca (Richard Brancatisano)

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