Episode 5158

Australian Air Date: 8th September 2010
UK Air Date: 20th October 2010
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Geoffrey Nottage

Sid and Marilyn reconcile their differences. Paulie comes up with a plan to get his debt money. Leah’s stressed about visiting Elijah.

Extended Summary

Marilyn and Sid are having issues. Mitzy tells Marilyn it’ll get better before it gets worse. Marilyn is confused – one part of her says Sid is the perfect man, the other says he’s just too different. Meanwhile, Sid tells Miles that Marilyn doesn’t have cancer – just a case of the Mitzy’s – she’s not going to die. Miles is happy, but hesitant – he believes in Mitzy’s abilities and doesn’t want to get his hopes up that Marilyn will be okay. Sid is confused – he’s a man of science and Mitzy’s prediction goes against everything he believes. But Miles’ experience with Rabbit has broadened his mind to other possibilities. Miles tells Sid to be open with Marilyn about why he has such a problem with Mitzy. Sid does so and after Marilyn explains her conviction the two reconcile to live with the prediction – for now.

After Sid demanded that Dex apologise to Marilyn for his inappropriate behaviour, Dex has been avoiding him. When an opportunity finally arises for the apology, Sid says he will accompany Dex, but Dex insists he go it alone – if Sid comes with him the apology will feel forced and not sincere. Sid isn’t entirely sure Dex is being straight with him, but gives his son the benefit of the doubt and Dex heads over to Summer Bay House. But rather than apologise, he sets about telling Marilyn that although he may not have communicated his feelings the right way – he still has those feelings and intends to act on them. Marilyn is taken aback, but any further talk is cut short when Sid calls and asks her to come and meet him for lunch. Dex remains at the house where Mitzy tries to make him see that despite his feelings for Marilyn – she really doesn’t have any for him. Dex is defensive and Mitzy can see that she needs to take a stronger approach – and so kisses him!.

Angelo and Paulie are still at a loss as to how to come up with Paulie’s debt money. Paulie suggests selling their parent’s restaurant but Angelo won’t hear of it. Later, Paulie comes up with a plan – they’ll go to the races – Paulie has a fool proof system to win – why didn’t he think of this earlier!

Miles and VJ sense that all is not well with Leah’s feelings about visiting Elijah. VJ is excitedely reading up on West Danmar to prepare for the visit, but Leah seems preoccupied as VJ relays facts to her. She denies any problem, but VJ’s convinced – something’s not right with his mum.

Guest Cast

VJ Patterson (Felix Dean)
Paolo Rosetta (Ryan Johnson)
Mitzy Fraser (Helen Dallimore)