Episode 5157

Australian Air Date: 7th September 2010
UK Air Date: 19th October 2010
Writer: Sam Meikle
Director: Geoffrey Nottage

Ruby confesses her love for Liam. Indi and Romeo make a surprise decision. Charlie decides not to loan Paulie his debt money. Bianca’s ex is coming to Summer Bay.

Extended Summary

Liam walks Ruby back to Charlie’s and she confesses her love for him. Liam is shocked, now realising that he is the cause of her unhappiness. Liam takes a firm stand and for Ruby’s own good tells her they can no longer have any contact whatsoever, outside of student and teacher. Ruby is crushed. Liam tells Charlie what Ruby’s been up to and why. Charlie is shocked, but Ruby breaks down and asks for help and Charlie is right there to support her. Charlie talks to Irene who shares her concern for the way Ruby has chosen to handle her problems. Charlie knows what she needs to do to help her daughter – but she’s not sure how Ruby is going to take it. The next morning Charlie prepares to take Ruby to a residential counselling facility – Ruby is scared but Charlie is by her side.

Miles can sense Romeo is edgy and Romeo confesses that his night with Indi is going to be ‘special’. Miles gives a reluctant Romeo a pep talk. He thinks the fact they are having trouble talking about sleeping together may be a sign they aren’t ready to go through with it. Romeo appreciates Miles’ wisdom – however awkward the conversation may be. As Indi gets ready, her nerves are evident. The night gets off to a slow start with Indi suggesting they watch a DVD – it’s a love story. The movie comes to an end and Romeo suggests they talk about the ramifications of what they are about to do, but Indi simply plants a kiss on him and soon any thoughts of talk are forgotten. The two break from their kiss and decide they’ll wait – sleeping together will mean more if they get to know each other first.

Having accepted a loan from Charlie (Xavier’s unwanted money from Hugo) to pay off his debts, Paulie is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but Angelo is furious. He can’t believe Paulie is taking the cash and tells his brother to leave once he’s got his money. Paulie is keen to square things with his brother and asks if he can cook Angelo and Charlie a meal before he goes – to say sorry for all the trouble he’s caused. Angelo is reluctant but finally agrees. When Charlie gives Paulie the money, Angelo is still furious and spells out to Paulie exactly what this could mean for Charlie. He begs Charlie not to give Paulie the money – it’s illegal and if she’s caught, it could ruin her. But Charlie is adamant, Angelo is what’s most important to her – not her career – she wants to do this. Angelo presses further and Charlie decides he’s right, she can’t give Paulie the money – it’s too risky. Paulie is devastated, but Angelo tells him he’ll just have to ask the loan sharks for an extension on his next payment. Paulie does so and the response is frightening. The loan shark says he’ll burn down Angelo’s parents restaurant if he doesn’t get the payment on time. Angelo and Paulie are at a loss, but they have two weeks to come up with a plan to get the money Paulie owes.

Alf returns Bianca’s missing phone to Liam. Someone handed it in at Angelo’s and Alf asks Liam to return it to her. It rings and Liam answers the call, thinking it’s Bianca, but it’s Vittorio, Bianca’s ex – he’s coming to the Bay and he’ll be there…in two days. Liam tells Bianca when she comes round to pick up the phone and it’s certainly not news she wanted to hear.

Guest Cast

Paolo Rosetta (Ryan Johnson)