Episode 5156

Australian Air Date: 6th September 2010
UK Air Date: 18th October 2010
Writer: Sandy Webster
Director: Geoffrey Nottage

Ruby gets drunk. Sid and Marilyn disagree over Mitzy’s abilities. Bianca thinks Liam has stolen her phone.

Extended Summary

Ruby is drowning her sorrows in the bottle of vodka Penn bought for her. Meanwhile, Irene is trying to get in touch with her, mindful of how Ruby is doing post her record deal rejection. Ruby’s not answering her phone and Irene is worried. Nicole stumbles upon Ruby at the Pier and is shocked to find she is drinking again. Nicole tells Ruby she won’t let her do this to herself, Nicole will help her out of it. Nicole takes Ruby to Liam’s place and he too is shocked by her drunken state, he feels guilty about the record deal and not being more supportive of Ruby after the knock back. Liam tells Ruby he has to call Charlie but she begs him not to and he agrees to give her one hour to sober up. Later, Bianca arrives to apologise for her irrational behaviour and sees a drunken Ruby and Nicole coming out of the bathroom. Bianca berates Liam and he explains he was only trying to help and he was going to call Charlie, but that’s not good enough for Bianca. She tells him he just can’t afford to have Ruby in his house when he knows she has feelings for him, especially as she’s one of his students. Liam tells ruby he needs to talk to charlie but she begs begs him not too – however Bianca is firm, this has gone too far now.

Sid is outraged that Marilyn has asked him and not Mitzy to leave the house post his disagreement with her over the ‘end date’ Mitzy imposed upon Marilyn. They argue and Marilyn is upset that he not open to her beliefs and asks him once again to leave. Indi tells Marilyn that Sid is a skeptic and she’s not at all surprised that he had a closed mind regarding Mitzy’s psychic abilities. This worries Marilyn, who thought she’d been open with Sid about her spiritual beliefs. Marilyn is concerned that Sid has always been quiet about her beliefs before – has he been lying about his feelings towards them? Marilyn asks Mitzy whether she’s making a mistake being with Sid – is he the right person to spend her final days with? Meanwhile, Indi has a go at Sid telling him to sort things out with Marilyn before he ruins yet another relationship. Romeo and Indi try and get Sid and Marilyn to talk on the phone, but it’s no use – neither is ready to.

Indi and Romeo are awkward in the wake of their impending first night together. Romeo gets a little psychic advice from Mitzy about whether they are doing the right thing, but her cryptic answer provides little comfort. romeo calls Indi to make sure she still wants him to come over – they both say they still want the night to happen, but neither seems committed to the cause.

Alf confronts Penn and tell him firmly that the name Tulip O’Hare means nothing to him. Penn tells him that if that’s how he wants to play it, that’s fine – but he knows he hasn’t got Alf confused with anyone, and he knows that Alf remembers the name. Alf tells him he’s got a loose wire, but Penn is confident that he’s right.

Bianca is agitated. She’s lost her phone and can’t find it anywhere. She pops into the Diner and an innocent comment from Colleen leads Bianca to think that Liam has her phone. She confronts him and Liam denies it – why would he do such a juvenile thing? He imparts some painful home truths on Bianca, who is less than impressed with what she hears.

Guest Cast

Penn Tiberius Graham (Christian Clark)
Mitzy Fraser (Helen Dallimore)