Episode 5155

Australian Air Date: 3rd September 2010
UK Air Date: 15th October 2010

Ruby starts drinking again. Marilyn tells Sid she has less than five months to live. Indi is worried about sleeping with Romeo.


Written by James Walker
Directed by Scott Hartford Davis

Extended Summary

Mitzy arrives into town and she’s already stirring up trouble at the Diner when Colleen spots her reading a book on the occult. After Irene intervenes in Colleens disapproval of the book, Mitzy asks her for directions to the Caravan Park. Sid tells Marilyn he’s booked her an appointment with a top cancer specialist to undertake some extra tests and she is uneasy with the suggestion. Later, Sid asks if he’s crossed a line but Marilyn awkwardly assure him he hasn’t – Mitzy then turns up at Summer Bay House to see her best friend who turns out to be Marilyn. It’s revealed that Mitzy is a psychic and she met Marilyn while Marilyn was in recovery from her cancer. Mitzy then drops a bomb – she knows when Marilyn’s going to die. Marilyn is already aware of the information but it’s news to Sid. Mitzy tell Sid she knows the time, the day, the month and the year of Marilyn’s death. As of the current time she has less than five months to live. Fortunately for Sid, he doesn’t believe in psychic ability and dismisses it, given that there is no medical backing whatsoever. Her earlier awkwardness about the cancer specialist suddenly sinks in – Marilyn doesn’t actually have cancer, it is a mere speculation. Marilyn is disappointed in Sid for not taking it seriously and asks him to leave, particularly after he confronts Mitzy over her abilities.

Ruby turns up at the Surf Club look for Liam, and thinks he is avoiding her. Shortly afterwards, Ruby receives a call from Liam asking to meet her. At the Diner, Liam tells Ruby what the record company said – they’re only interested in signing Liam. Ruby is shattered and in a fit of tears she re-arranges the living room of Leah’s house. Irene calls round to see and notices she’s down, but Ruby tells her everything is fine. She is deeply upset and starts drinking again and Penn is quick to take advantage of the situation and gets Ruby a bottle of vodka – after putting the idea in her head that it’s not the record company who’s rejected her talents, but Liam. Penn also tells Alf he wants to talk about family. Alf wants to know who’s family, and Penn tells him they can start with a beer and go from there. Alf tells him straight – if he wants something from him, he should come out and say it. Penn cryptically asks Alf if he likes Tulip’s – he always used to. Does the name Tulip O’Hare mean anything to him anymore?

Sid and Marilyn are still concerned that Dex has admitted his love for Marilyn. Marilyn wants Sid to talk to Dex and Sid explains that he just has to find the right time.

Sid notices that Indi is very distracted and suspects it has something to do with Romeo, but she doesn’t want to talk about it. Indi tells Nicole that she is concerned about tainting Romeo’s innocence with her past. Nicole assures her that she’s done nothing wrong in the past and that Romeo won’t think of her in that way.

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