Episode 5159

Australian Air Date: 9th September 2010
UK Air Date: 21st October 2010
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: Geoffrey Nottage

Mitzy causes more trouble than she realises. VJ helps Leah overcome her fear. April surprises John with a business plan.

Extended Summary

With Dex reeling from the kiss, Mitzy explains to Dex that Marilyn doesn’t have feelings for him, yet he thinks it’s okay to push himself onto her – why can’t Mitzy do the same with him? Dex is shocked by the comparison and tells Sid and Marilyn about Mitzy kissing him. Sid is furious, he berates Mitzy for kissing a child while Marilyn is upset by her friend’s actions. Dex apologises for falling in love with Marilyn, and Sid is at a loss as to how to help his son through this heartbreak. Meanwhile, Mitzy is doing her best to make amends with Marilyn but feels terrible when Marilyn voices her concern that Mitzy’s actions may have affected her relationship with Sid – how on earth will she right this wrong?

VJ is worried that Leah will cancel their trip to see Elijah – she’s sad all the time and doesn’t seem to be looking forward to the adventure. VJ asks Miles to talk to Leah and convince her that she can’t change her mind about the visit. Leah opens up to Miles, telling him she’s scared she’s made a terrible mistake agreeing to the trip. She wants to see Elijah but at the same time if it doesn’t work out or things go wrong then she doesn’t really want to go – she’s scared of getting hurt again – she just can’t handle it. Miles reports back to VJ who later tells Leah not to be scared – he’ll be there for her. Leah is touched by her young son’s show of support, perhaps she can handle things after all.

Gina picks up on some tension between John and Xavier. They downplay any problem but once she’s gone, John tells Xavier that he and April have to come up with a solution to all the trouble they’ve caused him and his business. April takes on the challenge – John not convinced she’ll do anything to help. When Gina drags the family out for dinner, John is less than impressed to learn that April will be joining them, but his attitude changes when April presents him with the solution to his problem. It’s a proposal for a public transport system that could make him a busload of money!

Guest Cast

VJ Patterson (Felix Dean)
John Palmer (Shane Withington)
Mitzy Fraser (Helen Dallimore)

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