Episode 4874

Australian Air Date: 11th June 2009
UK Air Date: 25th June 2009

Roman reveals all and says his good-byes. Irene has to make a decision about her drinking. Rachel is beginning to doubt Tony’s commitment to their baby.


Written by Sandy Webster
Directed by Geoffrey Nottage

Extended Summary

In the aftermath of the warehouse robbery, Roman is confessing to his crimes – it’s a long and wide-ranging interview. Roman tells Charlie and Angelo exactly what he and Gardy have been up to since Gardy arrived in the Bay, and goes into detail about what happened at the warehouse. Charlie, knowing Roman has only been involved because Nicole had been threatened, listens carefully and feels that although Roman will face some serious charges, a good lawyer should be able to get those charges reduced. Roman doesn’t want a lawyer. He just wants a clear conscience, and goes on to outline Mark’s death in Afghanistan. When the interview is over, Roman makes his peace with Aden, thanks Miles and asks him to look after Nicole, and then has the painful task of telling Nicole the whole story. As the military police arrive to charge him, Roman knows he’s going to jail for a very long time. Nicole moves in with Miles and Kirsty, clearly devastated by the loss of her father.

Martha admits to Rachel that she is finding living alone a little strange but that space is what she and Hugo need to deal with their feelings. However, when Rachel tells her about the hostage situation that Hugo found himself in she cannot hide her concern and dashes off to the police station to check how both he and Xavier are. On arrival, she learns they have already gone but is pleased to hear about Hugo’s heroics. The following day she visits Xavier and Hugo and although initially she is very happy that they are both OK, the mood soon becomes awkward between her and Hugo, and she leaves.

Rachel overhears Tony confirming his fishing plans with Angelo and is a little baffled that he hasn’t cancelled them given everything that’s happened recently. She also reminds him about their scan appointment later ans he assures her that he hasn’t forgotten. Later, as they watch a video of the scan back, Rachel cannot contain her happiness and starts discussing baby names. Tony freaks out and makes a quick exit, going for a walk. Rachel is clearly concerned about Tony’s lack of interest in their child and Tony clearlyas deeper issues, as he angrily lashes out at a punchbag in the gym.

Irene is full of remorse for having slapped Annie when fighting over a bottle of booze, but Annie doesn’t want to hear it, and retreats to her room as Belle and Aden arrive back at the Beach House. While Annie can’t bear to be around Irene, Geoff and Belle tell her that she has to immediately stop drinking if she wants to salvage the situation. If she does that then they’ll all do their utmost to help her through. Annie tells Jai what’s happened and admits that, although Irene only acted because she was drunk, she is still finding the idea of going home difficult. The following morning, Irene attempts to apologise to Annie, admitting that she’s a nasty drunk which is why she stopped in the first place, but Annie doesn’t want to hear it and departs from school. Irene makes all the right noises, but struggles with her demons, and it’s only after Belle assures her that she has her support that Irene feels completely ready to move forward. Irene attends an AA style meeting with Belle and it seems like she might be on the road back to sobriety.

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