Episode 4873

Australian Air Date: 10th June 2009
UK Air Date: 24th June 2009

Roman is shot and Xavier’s life is threatened. Charlie closes in on Gardy. Annie and Irene’s relationship is deeply fractured.


Written by Matt Anderson
Directed by Geoffrey Nottage

Extended Summary

Gardy casually starts collecting laptops while talking to the injured Roman. Seeing Gardy distracted, Roman disappears and a game of cat and mouse game develops as Gardy tracks Roman through the warehouse. Roman outsmarts Gardy and manages to get him in a headlock, rendering him unconscious. However the struggle takes its toll on Roman, and he collapses on the floor next to Gardy.

Xavier goes to help Hugo pick up the shark cage, but is growing increasingly annoyed at Hugo’s secrecy. The cage is a big investment and it means money could be a bit tight for a while. Conversation moves to Martha once again, and Xavier tells Hugo that he should talk to her in an attempt to salvage their friendship. When they go to put the cage into the trailer, they find that they don’t have the strength to lift it. Hugo suggests that Xavier should head into the nearby warehouse to find someone to help.

Annie is upset after catching Irene drinking. She tells Belle and is surprised to find out that she already knew that Irene has been drinking. Belle convinces her that between them they will be able to help Irene through this crisis. Belle later confronts Irene which culminates in her demanding Irene hand over the booze she has. But before that can happen they are interrupted by Leah arriving with some afternoon tea. Belle heads out to check on Annie, and whilst Leah is in the toilet, Irene takes another swig from her concealed bottle. Panicking when she hears Leah flush the toilet, she hides the bottle and then goes to move the scones – forgetting they’ve just come out of the oven. Irene ends up with a burnt hand, the tray ends up on the floor, and she breaks down, stating to Leah that she’s ruined everything. The upshot of Leah’s visit is that Belle needs to head off to work without being able to confiscate the booze.

When Roman and Gardy come to, Gardy pulls out a hand gun on Roman. Roman ducks for cover, but they are then interrupted by Xavier who unwittingly enters the warehouse. Gardy takes Xavier hostage, and drags him outside to get Roman to surrender. However Hugo comes to his brother’s rescue, aiming a harpoon at Gardy. Xavier struggles free and Hugo fires at Gardy, the spear narrowly missing him. Gardy takes aim at Hugo, before hearing a gun cock behind him. It’s Roman, and he shoots Gardy in the leg.

Charlie has locked Summer Bay down in her attempts to find Roman and Gardy, but despite her best efforts there’s no sign of them. She has spoken to Gardy’s commanding officer in the SAS, who revealed that Gardy was discharged for major disciplinary issues, including snapping a guy’s arm during an interrogation. After receiving a report of gunshots being heard down near the Mangrove River wharf, Charlie takes an armed unit down there, but it all turns out to be a wild goose chase when they discover some kids letting off firecrackers. Eventually she’s forced to revisit her game plan, and decides to look for the men in the most unlikely places. It’s then that she remembers the warehouse and heads over there, but by the time she arrives the gun battle is over and, despite being shot, Gardy has made his escape into the river. After a brief visit to the hospital to have his arm patched up, Roman arrives at the police station to chat to Charlie. While she feels he should go home to rest, as does Nicole, Roman doesn’t want to put this talk off any longer.

Left alone with just Annie -Irene’s behaviour becomes weird and Annie rightly suspects Irene is drunk. Irene vehemently denies it, until Annie finds the booze, and believing she’s helping Irene, starts to tip it out. It’s too much for Irene, who wrestles Annie for the bottle. When she doesn’t give it up, Irene slaps Annie in the face. Irene is visibly shaken by what she has done, and Annie is shocked and very hurt. It seems Irene’s relationship with her has been changed irrevocably.

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