Episode 4659

Australian Air Date: 12th June 2008
Writer: Fiona Wood
Director: Mark Piper, Cameron Welsh

There’s a new cop in town, and her name is Charlie Buckton. Rachel wants kids, and Tony’s looking worried. Bickering leads to kissing for Belle and Aden.

Extended Summary

Belle’s as surprised as Geoff and Annie to find Aden in bed with her, and desperate to explain that nothing happened. Her explanation has little effect on them, but they agree not to tell Irene because she’s going through so much already. Despite his cheeky side, Aden offers an honest thanks to Belle for giving him somewhere to crash, and it’s clear that despite her annoyance, the tenderness between the pair is growing. Then he discovers the photos she secretly took of him on the beach, and their bickering soon leads to kissing.

There’s a new cop in town, and her name’s Charlie Buckton. Blunt as a hammer, Jack’s first impression of her is no better than Morag’s. But at least Morag hasn’t been saddled with her as a partner. Charlie considers herself the font of all police knowledge, and the Yabbie Creek police as country bumpkins, and she won’t be easy to work with. Ross too is surprised at Charlie’s new position, and its clear that she’s taken it largely as a way to get at Ross and force he and Morag apart. But Ross won’t be having any of it, and to his daughter’s shock, he’s already planning to sell their house in the city.

Martha and Jack reveal their pregnancy to Tony, and it gets Rachel thinking. Tony isn’t getting any younger, they’re engaged, they plan to spend their lives together, maybe its time they thought seriously about kids of their own. Tony is taken aback. Though he would clearly love to have kids with Rachel, something has him worried. He’ll need a reverse vasectomy, but Rachel doesn’t think that’s anything to worry about. That’s because she doesn’t know about the complications with the original operation. Tony’s fears are confirmed when he sees a doctor and learns that, even with an operation, it’s unlikely he’ll ever be able to have kids again.

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