Episode 4660

Australian Air Date: 13th June 2008

Could this be the end for Tony and Rachel? Will Melody get justice? Charlie continues on the warpath.

Extended Summary

Though Melody has finally gone to the police, Axel is denying everything, and with no evidence, it’s her word against his. It seems like he’s going to get away with what he did to her. But after finding the courage to speak up, Melody’s not ready to give in just yet. She confronts Axel at school, in front of his mates and countless other students, and explains to him exactly what he’s done, how badly he’s damaged her. Though he keeps up his denial throughout her barrage, it is not without effect, and finally understanding what he did to her, he goes to the police to amend his statement.

Jai’s not doing any better fitting in at school than he is anywhere else. When he’s put in a group with Annie for some school work, he contributes nothing and they fail. Miles is worried that due to living such a chaotic life, being moved around so much, Jai might be behind and suggests he find a tutor. Jai takes it as an insult to his intelligence, and he’s not impressed by Annie’s offer to do the job. So he surprises everyone when he asks Matilda to help him catch up.

Still on the warpath, Charlie makes yet another enemy in Roman when she overhears him discussing her with Morag. But he understands where she’s coming from better than she’d expect, and after he suggests she try thinking about her situation from Morag’s point of view, she’s left with food for thought.

As Rachel imagines the family she’s going to build with Tony, he wanders alone, terrified of what it will mean for them as a couple when Rachel learns he may never be able to have kids again. When Rachel finds out, she puts on a brave face, but it’s a shock to her, especially after the same problem spelled the end of her first marriage. Knowing how important having children is to Rachel, Tony does what he thinks is right for her, he offers to call off the wedding.

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