Episode 4658

Australian Air Date: 11th June 2008

Kane’s in deep trouble. Will he also land Kirsty and Irene in gaol? Aden seeks solace from Belle.

Extended Summary

The chase in on for Kane, but there’s only so long he can stay ahead of the police, and when he finds himself in a large open garden area with nowhere to go its clear his luck’s run out. He goes willingly with the police. Back at the station, they’re taken aback when a look at Kane’s file turns up a lengthy list of petty thefts and burglaries attributed to him over his three years on the run.

Kirsty can’t believe that, after all this time, Kane would go and pull a robbery now, just when she’d decided it was time to stop running. But that’s nothing compared to her shock when she sees the list of Kane’s other crimes. She literally cannot believe it at first, and when the police finally convince her, she’s furious. Though Kane insists he did it all for her and Oliver, that it was the only way to make enough to survive, Kirsty’s uninterested in his excuses. Worse still, Kane may have landed Kirsty and Irene in jail as well as himself.

Despite his aspirin thinned blood, there is no choice but to take Larry to surgery. Though they explain that there’s a good chance he won’t come out of it alive, Aden, still angry that Larry has been drinking again, rejects the chance to say a final goodbye to his father. Instead he waits outside, with Roman, Belle and Nicole for comfort. Larry’s alcoholism was the cause of every major problem in Aden’s life, including bringing his grandfather to stay with him.

As time wears on with no news, Aden decides to leave. Roman realises he wants to be by himself, but Nicole follows, soon finding him on the beach with a bottle, keen to drink himself into numbness and unperturbed by the irony. Trying to talk to him, Nicole reveals how she really feels about him, but when Aden moves drunkenly in for the kiss, she pushes him away. She wants it to mean something. Rejected, Aden stumbles away into the night and, eventually, through Belle’s bedroom window. In his drunken stupor, he just wants somewhere to sleep, and despite her better judgement, Belle agrees to let him spend the night on her floor. But the next morning, chasing after Oliver, Geoff and Annie walk in on the two of them in bed together.

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