Episode 4657

Australian Air Date: 10th June 2008
UK Air Date: 21st July 2008
Writer: Fiona Kelly
Director: Mark Piper, Cameron Welsh

Is time up for Kane and Kirsty? Larry’s accident only drives Aden further away.

Extended Summary

Kane’s robbery, already going amiss after being sprung by Ric and Larry, spirals further out of control when Larry tries to play hero and ends up motionless on the floor after his head is pushed onto the counter. Freaked by what he’s done, Kane takes flight. Kirsty is building up the courage to tell him they’re staying in Summer Bay when he arrives in a panic, packing in a fluster as he tells her what’s happened, to her utter shock. After sneaking into the hospital to get Oliver, the young couple take off.

Now hospitalised, tests on Larry find a high alcohol content in his blood stream. Worse, he’s taken a lot of aspirin, which has thinned his blood and increased both the danger of his condition and of operating. But when Aden finds out, he’s far from sympathetic. He can’t believe his father has started drinking again, and gives Larry an earful before storming away. Even after Aden cuts Belle short as she offers some sympathy, Belle decides to stay by his side at the hospital.

When Irene learns that Kane pulled the robbery and put Larry in hospital, she realises it’s time she went to the police with the truth. With a description of Kane and Kirsty’s car, it doesn’t take long for Jack and Fitzgerald to find it. Kane has already let Kirsty and Oliver out, but he is pursued to a dead end in the bush. Can he get away on foot?