Episode 4656

Australian Air Date: 9th June 2008
UK Air Date: 18th July 2008
Writer: Elizabeth Packett
Director: Mark Piper, Cameron Welsh

How far will Kane go to stay out of gaol? Kirsty’s chances at a normal life just got a lot worse. Ric learns the disadvantages of being a security guard the hard way.

Extended Summary

After their charged moment together, Leah is still avoiding Miles, to VJ’s considerable annoyance. Bored, missing Miles and feeling ignored by his mother, the young boy disappears. When Leah realises he’s missing, she drops her cold shoulder to join with Miles in looking for her him. When Leah finally realises that VJ has gone to visit Miles, they find him safe and sound. Despite her relief, however, it’s not enough for Leah to open up to Miles once more, and the awkwardness continues.

The day has come for Matilda’s meeting with a representative of the uni in Perth that’s interested in her and she’s still waiting for the right moment to tell Ric. Until Jai accidentally lets slip. Ric can’t believe she would keep something like this from him, and cares little that Matilda was waiting for the right moment.

With Oliver ready to be released from hospital, Kane is keen to get back on the road. But Kirsty is getting attached to the idea of staying in Summer Bay, and she’s convinced herself that if they tell the truth to the police, everything will be alright. But is Kane about to do something to destroy their chances of a normal life forever?

As if his new job as a security guard wasn’t bad enough, he catches his partner Larry drinking on the job. But just as it seems the day couldn’t get any worse, they come across a jewellery store with its door broken open. As soon as they get inside, the burglar knocks Larry to the ground, taking his gun and pointing it at Ric, revealing himself to be Kane! But how far will Kane go to stay out of gaol?

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