Episode 4088

Australian Air Date: 9th November 2005
UK Air Date: 26th April 2006
Writer: Susan Hore
Director: Nicholas Bufalo

Tensions erupt when Amanda and Graham’s secret relationship is revealed. Scott proposes to Hayley. Dan’s gambling come back to haunt him.

Extended Summary

Matilda, Beth and Robbie are reacting to the news that that Scott is the father of Noah. Beth is a little quiet, overcome with emotion. She stares down at baby Noah, her grandson, Meanwhile, at the diner, Leah spots Dan’s jacket draped over the counter top. She picks it up to move it and something falls out of the pocket (a betting slip). She’s just about to pick it up when Dan dashes over to intercept. A close call…

Beth confronts Amanda in a quiet and controlled voice (seething with anger deep down). She tells her that she’s had her fun manipulating her family, but now they know what she is, Amanda can’t hurt them anymore… Beth heads off, leaving a dark Amanda – she’ll see about that…! Scott asks Hayley if she’s sure she wants to go to France with him. Hayley looks Scott in the eyes and tells him that she has no intention of ever letting him go. They embrace, but little does Hayley know her words have set Scott thinking.

Graham’s goes to his room and Amanda is in there waiting, she acts distressed and tells Graham all the nasty things Beth said. But Graham is more worried about being found with her – he’s sorry but she’s got to go. Amanda turns on the tears – doesn’t he want her either? Despite his misgivings, he comforts her with a hug. Over Graham’s shoulder, Amanda smiles. …And she’s still clinging to him when Beth walks in on them. It’s the last thing Beth was expecting to see and she’s furious. What the hell’s going on? Scott and Hayley hear the commotion and come rushing in, shocked to see Amanda there. Beth explains – it seems your grandfather is involved with your ex! Scott tells Amanda this is too low, even for her. Graham steps up to Amanda’s defence but Amanda says she should go, leaving Graham to explain. Beth can’t believe Graham is stupid enough to fall for Amanda’s tricks – she’s chasing you for your money! Graham thinks that’s preposterous! Beth stands firm – that woman is not welcome into this family – or this house!
Graham is thoughtfully walking along the beach when Scott joins him. He wants his grandfather to let him guess: Amanda told him that everyone hated her; that he was the only one who understood? Did she get all flirty or turn on the tears whenever she needed support? Graham’s silence provides the answer Scott needs – she did all that with me too, Grandpa – it’s what she does – you’re making a fool of yourself… Scott moves off…leaving Graham quietly taking it all in.

Dan’s cheers wildly at the radio as his big race unfolds. The horse he wants to win is doing well to start with but then his worst nightmare plays out as the horse loses… He looks down at the ticket – a $10,000 bet. Now he owes Dudley $20,000! He’s pale at his awful predicament… Meanwhile, Scott’s still reeling about Graham and Amanda, but Hayley pulls him up. Things are close to perfect at the moment for them and Noah. Hayley’s positive words manage to snap Scott out of his anger as he admits that Hayley is right. Everything is perfect – and Scott knows how he can make it even better. Will you marry me? Hayley’s face lights up with a huge grin – yes!

Graham asks Amanda if she’s using him. Amanda plays hurt at the suggestion… Seeing she’s losing her grip on him, she says all the right things… Graham listens, wanting to believe in her – but he’s torn. Amanda moves forward but he’s sorry, but he can’t do this to his family… He hurries off, leaving Amanda reeling – her plan crashing down around her…

Meanwhile, Dan’s walking with Ryan when a burly bloke steps out. He introduces himself as a ‘friend’ of Dudley’s and Dan sends Ryan off while they talk. The guy explains that Dudley wants his money. The guy looks across to where Ryan’s playing before continuing: or you might regret it… How’s he going to get out of this?

Guest Cast




First appearance. Thug associate of Dudley Shepard. Threatened Dan over Ryan’s safety unless he paid up the $20,000 owing to Dudley.

Dodgy student Matilda bought a paint-bomb from.

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