Episode 4089

Australian Air Date: 10th November 2005
UK Air Date: 27th April 2006
Writer: Katrina Foster
Director: Nicholas Bufalo

Robbie confronts Tasha over her deception. Matilda’s attempt for revenge on Amanda takes a dangerous twist.

Extended Summary

Graham returns home and Beth asks him if he’ll be around for Scott’s engagement party. Graham responds that he will be… And in that, Beth has her answer – Graham has chosen his family over Amanda. During this, Tasha’s mobile rings. She moves out to the patio to answer. It’s Jonah. She asks him if the money cleared okay? It did and Tasha’s glad. What’s she hiding? Meanwhile, Dan’s desperately trying to figure out how he can get his hands on some cash following Dudley’s threat. Then he spots the IVF bank statement – it’s the only way – he just hopes Leah doesn’t find out.

Matilda plants a paint bomb in Amanda’s car and waits in the bushes for her to return. Lucas turns up and tries to talk her out of it but Mattie won’t be swayed. Then Matilda sees Amanda approach, she opens the car door and the paint bomb goes off – however, it goes horribly wrong when Amanda’s hurt with paint in her eyes. Matilda’s rushing for help when she spots Dan, who wonders what the problem is!? Dan tends to Amanda who is now much better, as she rips in to Matilda, declaring that she might even have her charged with assault. Worried for his girlfriend, Lucas steps in and says it was him. Matilda can barely believe her ears …

As preparations for the celebration continue around her, Tasha makes some throwaway comment about alcohol being a poison. Robbie’s bemused, wondering what’s got in to her lately. Dan turns up with a sheepish Lucas and Matilda, as Graham comes out of his room. He hears enough to quickly realise that Amanda’s been hurt. Alone with him, Matilda asks Lucas why he’s taking the blame? Lucas explains that he’d do it for anyone he loved. It’s slipped out unintentionally and Matilda is stunned – you love me? Lucas is embarrassed until Matilda says she loves him too! Meanwhile, Amanda’s mind is already ticking away about how she can use this situation to try to reel Graham back in when he finds her. Seeing she’s got a major ‘in’ here, Amanda drops the bomb… She’s falling in love with him! Graham’s stunned and more torn than ever. Amanda sees this, says she will give him some time to decide. Then she moves off, satisfied with the progress.

Meanwhile, Dan’s giving one of Dudley’s heavies his first payment relieved to have escaped the immediate threat. He gathers himself then begins to move out – but Amanda’s seen the whole thing. Dan tells Amanda it’s not what she thinks, but Amanda can tell he’s gambling again. Amanda wants him to drop the full custody claim on Ryan or she’ll tell Leah. Dan’s distracted when he arrives home – but we see his mind ticking over, as he casually steers the conversation in the direction of the custody situation… He tells Leah that Ryan hasn’t been himself since it started, so Dan’s had to ask himself – is this really the right decision or just his way to punish Amanda? Leah says she’ll support Dan in whatever he wants. Dan pulls her in to a hug, hating himself for this.

Beth finds a container of paint in Mattie’s bag and knows she was the one responsible. Tony makes some comment about how Lucas never used to lie like that and Beth wonders what he’s saying – that she’s some kind of bad influence? The moment is broken when Beth sees Graham standing there with his bags. He says he thought he could deny his heart but he can’t… He and Amanda love each other. He heads out, leaving everyone – but especially Beth – reeling. Amanda’s sitting on the wharf, when a suitcase appears beside her. She looks up to see…Graham standing there. Amanda’s got him – hook, line, sinker…

Meanwhile, Robbie and Tasha return home. Robbie can’t believe that Graham has left to be with Amanda – but Tasha thinks if they love each other, age shouldn’t be a barrier. Robbie can’t believe his ears – she’s been saying weird stuff like this ever since she got back. Tasha denies that there’s anything going on. But then, Robbie spots some paraphernalia about a group called ‘The Believers’. Looking Tasha in the eye, he demands to know what the hell is going on?

Guest Cast


Took Dan’s first $1,500 repayment for Dudley.

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