Episode 4090

Australian Air Date: 11th November 2005
UK Air Date: 28th April 2006
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Nicholas Bufalo

Kim’s life spirals out of control as the pain over losing Noah consumes him. Robbie’s left reeling by Tasha’s shocking secret. Flynn says an emotional goodbye to his life as a doctor.

Extended Summary

Robbie demands Tasha tells him what’s going on. She explains that she met someone when she was seeing Dylan in hospital who really helped her put things into perspective – the guy she met up with last week? Robbie’s angry, but Tasha thinks that if he met Jonah, then maybe he’d understand. Meanwhile, Sally gives Flynn a kiss as he heads off to the hospital for the last time… when he arrives for work, Nurse Julie is waiting with Dr Derek Young, a fresh young intern not long out of medical school. Nurse Julie mentions an elderly patient in another room (Mrs Grey) – complaining of severe abdominal pain and Dr Young jumps in immediately with his opinion – straight out of a medical textbook. Flynn and Nurse Julie share a smile (they’ve both seen his type before).

Kim has been released from hospital and is walking with Kylie on the beach she asks some questions about the paternity stuff but Kim doesn’t want to acknowledge it… Instead he asks what she’s doing later? Kylie says that she’s going to the Club. Great, says Kim, he’ll go too – a night of partying is what he needs. Meanwhile, Nurse Julie pulls the sheet off the trolley and reveals a cake for Flynn! They all sing ‘For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow’ – and Julie starts to tear up a bit. It’s a heartfelt moment for Flynn, who struggles to keep his emotions in check. Flynn asks the troubled-looking Dr Young how he got on with Mrs Grey? Dr Young reveals that he can’t work out what’s wrong with her. He’s done everything by the textbook and still no answers. Flynn wonders if Dr Young would like him to have a look? As Flynn starts his examination he starts chatting to Mrs Grey, who lost her husband years ago and has been alone since. As Mrs Grey continues, her story hits home for Flynn (re: Sally) and leaves him thoughtful…Flynn moves out in to the corridor with Dr Young. His diagnosis is a simple one – ‘loneliness’. Dr Young’s confused but Flynn offers some advice: Being a doctor is not just about writing a prescription – sometimes ten minutes listening to someone is all the medicine they need… Dr Young’s truly impressed and Flynn’s made a difference.

Kim and Kylie enter the nightclub, all over each other. Kim orders a stiff drink. Alf wonders if he should be drinking but Kim snaps – do you want my money or not?! Taken aback, Alf hands over a drink – keep your hat on! As Kim moves off towards the dance floor with Kylie, Alf shakes his head. This is not the Kim we know and love… Meanwhile, Tasha (and Rob) have invited Jonah, Charity, Martha and Jack around for dinner and Jonah’s telling them that ‘The Believers’ are about celebrating life – the earth – and how all things in the universe are connected. Robbie thinks this all sounds a bit kooky. But then Jonah starts to talk about how hard life can be for a young man in such a masculine society. This strikes a cord in Robbie, and his ears prick up… He listens on as Jonah relates the problems back to harsh father figures. Jonah’s playing Robbie and he’s falling for it, joining in the conversation. Tasha is excited to see that Robbie’s coming around. But Martha and Jack swap a look, concerned that Robbie’s also been taken in by this hogwash.

On his way out of the hospital, Flynn turns to take one last look at the place. His moment of wistful reverie is moving. He arrives home, subdued. Sally wonders how it went and Flynn explains that he’s done his bit, and it’s time for others to do the work now… Thoughtful, he tells Sally that after he’s gone, he wants her to find someone else. Sally’s completely thrown, but Flynn explains he doesn’t want her to be lonely. But for now, Flynn’s at home with his family – where he should be…

Meanwhile, Kim comes back from the bar, p*ssed off that Alf wouldn’t serve him. Kylie tries to hide the pills in her hand – but Kim sees them and asks for one. He stares at the pill for a beat – before he swallows it down… Kim and Kylie start to trip off their faces – dancing the night (and their troubles) away…

Guest Cast

Twenty-eighth appearance, last seen in Episode #4078. Tearfully farewelled Flynn from his post.

Enthusiastic young doctor.

Third appearance, last seen in Episode #4083. Gave a devastated Kim some ecstacy pills in a wild night out.


Lonely elderly lady who Flynn helped Dr. Young look after on his final day at the hospital.

First appearance. Jonah’s hippy friend from the Believers who attended the dinner at Tasha and Robbie’s.

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