Episode 4087

Australian Air Date: 8th November 2005
UK Air Date: 25th April 2006
Writer: Fiona Bozic
Director: Nicholas Bufalo

Kim, Scott and Hayley’s worlds are forever changed when the explosive paternity secret is finally revealed.

Extended Summary

Flynn checks the computer’s records to find the father’s name’s been deleted from the paternity results. Flynn moves to the filing cabinet, but the hard copy of Hayley’s file’s missing. He calls the lab to chase up the samples – only to find out they’ve been checked out. Before he gets a chance to get in to it further, Scott appears saying Kim’s awake after the op. Flynn checks Kim over and he’s okay. But the first thing Kim says as he comes round is: where’s my son? Realising how explosive the truth will be when it comes out, Flynn props outside the door, reeling…

Meanwhile, Amanda’s had another amazing day with Graham – he’s so worldly wise… She strokes his face tenderly – she’s so happy. Graham’s happy too. Back at the hospital, Nurse Gloria tells Flynn the samples were signed out by Hayley the day Dr. Free died. Flynn’s bemused. Bert’s sent for and he reluctantly confesses that he signed out the samples to someone he thought was Hayley – but later found out was a woman called Amanda Vale. Flynn tracks down Amanda and gets the whole story – she found out the truth but kept it from Scott because he used and abused her. She’s unrepentant and congratulates Flynn for working out the truth. Flynn’s stunned!

Everyone is still huddled around Kim, who is still cradling baby Noah in his arms like a perfect Dad. Flynn comes in, looking very sombre – this is going to be so hard… Then he explains tentatively that there was a problem with the original paternity test. Kim, you’re not Noah’s father… Kim’s devastated. Flynn leaves the threesome and Hayley tries to say something comforting, but Kim cuts over her, level and controlled – ‘None of us wanted this baby to be mine. So we all got what we wanted.’ Despite his words, Scott and Hayley can see how hard this is for Kim, but Kim just wants to be on his own. Out in the corridor, Flynn explains that they’ve checked computer records and it seems Zoe McCallistar accessed the system and changed the results. Scott and Hayley are shocked! But that’s not all – Flynn goes on to explain Amanda’s role in this. Scott takes this in – shocked and angry!

Amanda has told Graham about her part in the paternity fiasco. Although he’s surprised, he assures Amanda he doesn’t hate her – it was a mistake, she’s repentant – people will see that in time. Amanda thanks him and Graham moves off. Amanda’s alone and satisfied when Scott comes marching up. Scott goes on the attack and Amanda’s a complete bitch in response – he didn’t deserve to be happy with Hayley after the way he treated her! Scott loses it, grabbing and shaking Amanda. Graham returns and rips in to Scott for treating Amanda like that – what the hell’s gotten in to him?! Scott barks a final cutting comment and Amanda dissolves in to tears in Graham’s arms.

At home, Hayley, Scott and Noah have their first moment alone since the truth came out. It’s an incredibly profound thing finding out you’re a dad so suddenly and he still getting used to it. They feel bad being happy, given how it happened, but they can’t deny this is a whole new beginning. Scott and Hayley share a smile – I love you so much. Scott – I love you too – a tableau of the happy little family. In contrast, Kim’s alone in his hospital room. He finds a small teddy bear, picks it up and stares at it for a time – then he starts to break down – slowly at first, before building in to heaving sobs of grief and loss…

Guest Cast


Sixth and final appearance, last seen in Episode #4074. Was confronted by Flynn over the discovery of his involvement in the DNA samples provided to Amanda.


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