Episode 4086

Australian Air Date: 7th November 2005
UK Air Date: 24th April 2006
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: Nicholas Bufalo

As Kim fights for his life in the wake of the accident, Flynn makes the shocking discovery about the paternity of baby Noah. Dan’s desperation increases as his gambling problem takes hold.

Extended Summary

Bang! The hospital doors slam open as Kim is rushed into Emergency. Hyde’s with him – and Hayley, Scott and Irene are close behind. Flynn tries to rouse Kim but he still isn’t responding. He orders a CT scan and a MRI scan to check for spinal damage and internal injuries. Hyde’s anxious – it’s been some time and there’s still been no word on Kim. Finally, Flynn comes out and explains that the scans showed no sign of any damage. However, Kim still hasn’t regained consciousness. Hyde enters Kim’s room, shocked by the limp figure of his son… Hayley appears at the door, baby Noah in her arms. Hoping her voice might bring him round, Hayley makes a heartfelt speech about how sorry she is – but there’s no response from Kim. Then, little Noah starts crying and it strikes something deep inside Kim and he starts to stir. Hyde can’t believe it – he’s waking up! Flynn asks Kim basic questions, but all Kim keeps saying is: I heard Noah…where’s Noah? Hayley moves over and Kim takes Noah in his arms and cradles his son. Hayley smiles as she watches on – and after a moment, she tentatively brings up the meeting. Why did Kim run out like that? She wonders if maybe he’s changed his mind. Kim firmly tells her – no, he hasn’t changed his mind. Noah is everything to him. There’s no way Hayley is taking him anywhere! Hayley is trying to keep things from getting tense with Kim, but Kim starts to rip into both Hayley and Scott. He’s really tearing strips off them, when suddenly he doubles over, clutching his side and screaming in pain! Flynn rushes in to examine him. He pushes down near his liver and Kim screams out – vision blurring as he fights to remain conscious. Flynn suspects a possible internal injury. They will need to operate as soon as possible. Worried loved ones watch on helpless.

Kim’s down in theatre and Hyde snaps at Hayley – telling her that she shouldn’t have got Kim worked up like that! Irene steps in and calms Hyde down, but Hayley feels terrible. Nurse Ryan gets alerted urgently! More blood is needed for theatre immediately. Hyde and the others rush over, fearful – What’s going on? After much pressing, Nurse Ryan tentatively reveals that Kim’s bleeding out… this isn’t good!

Dudley reminds Dan he owes him $10,000 now and it’s rising by the day with interest. Dan explains he needs more time and Dudley offers him a solution – he can place another bet and hope to win the cash back. But Dan doesn’t want to risk getting into more debt. Dudley tells him that he’d better think of something else quick, then, because he wants his money and he won’t wait. Leah returns home explaining she’s received a cheque from her Uncle – for $750. She’s already put the money in to the IVF savings account – Dan looks at the balance, torn… Will he empty the account?

Dan pulls out his mobile, and makes a quiet call to Dudley – he’s going to take him up on the offer of another bet. Dudley’s surprised – really? You do realise that’ll take you up to $20,000 if you lose? Dan does – so he’ll just have to win… He ends the call, and we see his nervousness… He absolutely hates himself for doing this but he’s now a desperate man…

Flynn comes out of surgery and explains that explains that the tear to Kim’s ruptured liver has been repaired. Hayley smiles as she looks down to little Noah – Daddy’s going to be okay… They move through to Kim.

At the Nurse’s station, Nurse Ryan pulls Flynn up on something she found in Kim’s file. It’s a document relating to Baby Noah’s blood group – which isn’t compatible with Kim’s! Flynn takes a moment to process the information, as the realisation hits home – he can’t be the father… Oh God…

Guest Cast

Eighteenth appearance, last seen in Episode #4018. Informed Flynn as to the amazing discovery that Kim’s blood group did not match baby Noah’s.


Third appearance, last seen in Episode #4083. Began seriously hassling Dan to payup his recent gambling debts.

Smashed into Kim as he argued with Hayley.

Admitted an injured Kim to hospital.

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