Episode 4085

Australian Air Date: 4th November 2005
UK Air Date: 21st April 2006
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: Lewis Fitz-Gerald

Kim’s fight for his son takes an unexpected and devastating twist. Tasha continues to deceive Robbie.

Extended Summary

Hayley and Scott are reacting to the fact Kim has slapped them with an injunction. But Kim assures him it’s well within his rights as a father and refuses to back down, leaving Hayley upset and Scott frustrated. Meanwhile, a stunned Beth, along with Matilda, Lucas and Tony, are reacting to the news that Tasha and Robbie are intending to move to the city. Robbie tries to play up the positive aspects and Beth eventually nods – a reluctant acceptance. Tasha watches on – feeling terribly guilty for splintering his family.

Irene agrees that Kim hasn’t handled this well – but legally he does have every right to do what he did, Scott shouldn’t forget that. Scott reckons that this is just a hurdle – it won’t stop their plans. Hayley speaks up for the first time – it’s not going to be an issue…because she’s not going. Scott can barely believe his ears as Hayley continues that she’s sorry, but she can’t go through with this. Meanwhile, Tasha’s phone beeps – it’s a text from ‘Jonah’. It reads: I’m in town. Meet me in twenty minutes. Tasha looks a little guilty as she reads it. Lucas is towelling himself off after a swim when he spots Tasha in the distance. He’s about to call out to her when he sees a guy walk up to her and embrace her in a hug – followed by a kiss on the cheek! The body language between them is very intimate. Is Tasha cheating on Robbie? Meanwhile, Scott pleads with Hayley to change her mind but Hayley thinks Kim has a point – this isn’t fair on him. Scott wonders if there’s anything he can say to change her mind? But, teary with confusion and sadness, Hayley responds there isn’t. Scott is left crushed – his dream ruined. Angry, Scott wastes no time in confronting Kim. He can’t believe how petty Kim has become – he can’t hack the fact Scott ended up with Hayley. Suddenly, and without warning, Kim’s anger gets the better of him and he takes a swing at Scott, sending him to the floor!

Hayley is dabbing at Scott’s bleeding nose when Kim returns. Hayley can’t believe Kim’s attitude – if this is the way he’s going to be around her son – irrational and violent – then Noah’s better off without him! They will go through with the injunction hearing; she and Scott will be granted permission to move – and they will be taking Noah with them! Meanwhile, Robbie reports that Graham hasn’t said yes yet but that he did like the idea of buying the apartment Matilda has got something important to speak to Robbie about. Lucas nudges her – maybe they shouldn’t tell- but Matilda says – it’s about Tasha… Robbie confronts Tasha and demands to know what the hell’s going on? Tasha swallows hard, looking terribly guilty. She hesitates for a final moment before revealing the guy is a friend of Dylan’s. His name’s Jonah, she met him in the city… She takes a deep breath before adding: that he kind of came on her. Robbie stunned – but nothing happened… Tasha adds that it’s the reason she came back to the Bay early – she thought Jonah would take the hint for once but he followed her here. Robbie accepts this with a reluctant nod and the couple soon find themselves in a hug. But the look on Tasha’s face betrays that she’s lying… Then Robbie pulls back from the hug explaining he has some news for her too – about the apartment. Tasha looks the question as Robbie prepares to fill her in.

Hayley, Scott and Kim are seated around a table as the mediation hearing is about to begin. Hayley makes a heartfelt plea to Kim and it’s the final straw… He interrupts Hayley, saying he’s sorry… Then he hurries from the room. The others are stunned by this turn of events. Kim darts down the steps as Hayley appears from behind the building, calling for him to stop. But, Kim isn’t thinking and he steps in front of a moving car – there’s a loud thump… and a look of horror crosses Hayley’s face… Kim’s lying on the road, out cold, totally still – dead still…

Guest Cast


First episode. Mamma Rose’s son. Tasha’s newfound friend from the Believers commune who visited her secretly. Would later setup camp in Yabbie Creek in an attempt to seduce her.

Tried to negotiate baby Noah’s future with Hayley and a stead-fast Kim.

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