Episode 4059

Australian Air Date: 29th September 2005
UK Air Date: 16th March 2006
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: Nicholas Bufalo

The friction between Jack and Corey leads to a possibly fatal mistake on the job. Ric and Cassie struggle to come to terms with Flynn’s condition. Irene’s erratic behaviour starts to spin out of control.

Extended Summary

Ric and Cassie are totally shocked as Flynn explains the extent of his illness. They are going to lose their ‘dad’. Ric tells Cassie the best they can do is move out and give Sally and Flynn time alone together. Cassie thinks he might be right… Meanwhile, Irene’s car has ran off to the side of the road, smoke coming from engine. Jack and Corey pass by in a police car and pull over to find Irene sitting on the ground, shaking. They rush to her and check if she’s okay – but Irene’s insists someone cut her brakes. After checking the car, Jack explains that her brakes are just worn, but Irene remains convinced someone’s trying to get to her, leaving the others worried.

Ric and Cassie tell Alf their decision to move out. Alf is taken aback as Ric explains – the last thing they want is to be a burden. They reckon the best thing they can do is to give them space. Alf takes this in then says – this isn’t about you wanting to do the right thing and give them space, it’s about you being too scared to go through the pain. He tells them that they can’t let Flynn and Sally down now when they need them the most. Alf’s speech hits home with the kids – and finally Ric breaks down as Cassie fights back the tears…

Corey tells Jack that he knows things are tense between them and guesses it is Martha… Jack cuts him off, insisting it’s all good, but Corey pushes the issue. Refusing to be drawn into it, Jack snaps at him telling him to back off?! They’re interrupted when a call comes through – a robbery is in progress at the marina. They rush out… When they get there it’s quiet – too quiet. Suspense builds as Jack hears someone coming around the corner. He draws his gun and waits as the footsteps get closer. Finally the person rounds the corner and Jack’s stunned to see it is Martha. Frustrated, Jack rips into her and an argument breaks out. Corey tries to calm things and get back to the job at hand, but to no avail. Then they hear the screech of car tyres. They rush around to the front to see the crook’s vehicle disappearing in the distance. Damn!

Sally and Flynn come downstairs to see that Ric and Cassie have cleaned the house, drawn up a roster and are preparing dinner… Sally wonders what’s going on? Ric and Cassie explain – they’re sorry for not being around but they needed some time to clear their heads. But they’re a family and they’ll stick together until the end.

Corey has a go at Jack about the way he handled the situation – his personal feelings for Martha jeopardised the situation. Corey says he has to put it in the report but Jack insists there’s no need – it was no one’s fault. Later, McGrath asks Corey why the perps got away. Corey hesitates – Will he tell him what happened with Jack?

Meanwhile, alone, Irene hears whispering and muffled voices –but when she turns around to see nobody there. What’s the matter with her?

Guest Cast


Fifth appearance, last seen in Episode #4048. Asked Corey to spill the beans on Jack’s bungled robbery arrest.

Darren McGrath’s wife who had a drink with Martha at Noah’s bar.

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