Episode 4058

Australian Air Date: 28th September 2005
UK Air Date: 15th March 2006
Writer: Susan Hore
Director: Nicholas Bufalo

Alf and Josh are at loggerheads, as his sinister plan is revealed. Ric and Cassie finally discover the truth about Flynn’s condition.

Extended Summary

Sally and Flynn are returning from chemo, Flynn still doesn’t think they should say anything to the kids, his chemo’s going well and he doesn’t want to burden them with it yet. Sally reluctantly agrees to keep it a secret. Meanwhile, back together now Ric and Cassie share a milkshake at the Diner. Cassie asks Ric if he reckons anything weird is going on with Sally and Flynn. Ric assures Cassie that Sal would say something if there’s a problem.

Irene has slept late and is suffering a bad headache, so she pops some headache pills. Josh comes around looking for Tasha and Irene’s not pleased. She threatens him – if you go near that girl again, so help me I‘ll… Josh pulls her up and warns her to be careful making threats, you never know when they’ll come back to bite you!

Lucas and Matilda arrive at the juice bar. Josh sees them and approaches. He introduces himself, explaining that he’s got some work going if they’re interested? He gives them a stack of posters and tells them to put them around town. Alf comes out to see what they are doing and he can’t believe his eyes. The posters read – ‘VOTE 1: JOSH WEST FOR MAYOR’!

Alf comes in – he’s had a chat to a few blokes at the council. Josh has made a lot of promises – and a lot of friends on the council. Lucas chimes in saying if Alf doesn’t want Josh elected then he should run himself. Alf finds Josh in the gym and reveals he too is running for Mayor. This town is his passion and he won’t let it go to the dogs! The battle lines have been drawn.

Still suffering a headache, Irene pops another pill. She’s been ratty with Colleen all morning and when Colleen makes a mistake – Irene rips in to her again. Headache intensifying, Irene puts her hand to her head before collapsing onto the floor! Flynn arrives to treat her and asks her how long she’s been suffering these headaches. Irene says for a few days now and shows Flynn the tablets she’s been taking – very strong codeine. Flynn says she’s taking far too many and he wants her to get a proper check up. As he stands to leave, he gets a bit wobbly and suddenly feels nauseous. Alf spots it and asks if he’s alright but Flynn covers. Back at home, Flynn becomes pale and nauseous (the Chemo’s started to take its toll). Sally’s worried as Flynn is sick again. Outside the door, Ric and Cassie listen, concerned looks on both their faces.

Lucas and Matilda help Alf make plans for his campaign for mayor. Alf’s certain Josh has a double agenda…but what could it be? Meanwhile, Josh meets up with a suited man, who asks if everything’s on track? Josh assures him it is – as soon as he’s elected as Mayor, its full steam ahead. The man asks Josh how he can so sure he’ll be elected. Josh smiles – Don’t worry, it’ll happen…and then Summer Bay won’t know what hit it. What is Josh planning?

After hearing Flynn being sick upstairs, Ric and Cassie are really concerned. Sally comes down, totally distracted – her mind on Flynn. The kids want to know what’s going on. Sally respects Flynn’s wishes and holds back, despite their pleading – but it isn’t easy. Flynn comes down the stairs when he hears the kids pleading and tells Sally that the kids are right – they should know the truth. It’s time. Ric and Cassie’s hearts sink as they fear the worst.

Irene has left the diner and is driving home. She comes to a sharp corner and pounds on the brake pedal but nothing happens. The car is out of control. Oh my gawd!

Guest Cast


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