Episode 4057

Australian Air Date: 27th September 2005
UK Air Date: 14th March 2006
Writer: Sabour Bradley
Director: Nicholas Bufalo

Blackmail and intrigue plague the Bay as Josh’s duplicity continues. Scott’s torment over his feelings for Hayley intensifies in the lead up to the wedding.

Extended Summary

Amanda pleads with Josh – please don’t make me do this. There must be some other way. Josh shakes his head – sorry, but I need photos of Len Green. Meanwhile, Scott talks to Beth about Amanda and the big blow up they had. Beth thinks the problem is that Amanda’s not Hayley. Scott opens up and admits since Kim’s proposal… his feelings are confused again.

Amanda puts on her make-up, ready to seduce Len Green. She looks in the mirror and hates what she sees – but she has no choice. Dan and Ryan arrive; Dan quickly realises Amanda has forgotten she’s meant to be taking Ryan for the afternoon, but it’s only when Ryan says – ‘It doesn’t matter. I’m used to mum not wanting me around’ – does Amanda realises how hurt he is. Guilt-ridden, Amanda promises to be a better mum. She phones Josh and says he’ll have to look for someone else for the photos. Finally, Josh accepts her refusal, but says he’s going to tell Scott the truth about the baby – right now. Josh hangs up the phone and Amanda’s left reeling… Her ploy to out bluff him has backfired!

Hayley wants to know if Scott’s free so they can go and pick up Kim’s present. Scott tries to get out of it but can’t. They are about to leave when Josh comes in, saying he has something to tell them. Josh is about to reveal all when Amanda bursts in dragging Ryan along with her. She’s breathless and panting and Josh knows he’s got her. Later, Amanda approaches Len Green with a seductive smile. Although elderly, balding and married, Len has a penchant for beautiful women. The seduction is underway! Meanwhile, Scott and Hayley have loaded a sun bed into the back of Scott’s Ute and are tying it down. Scott is surprised by her choice of present for Kim – it’s not very personal. As they finish tying it down, Hayley and Scott brush against each other. Again, the moment is not lost on either and things get a little awkward. The URST between them is undeniable…

Josh shows Amanda the photos of her with Len Green and makes some crude comment about how good she looks. If she’s not busy later tonight, she could always drop by his hotel? Amanda slaps him hard across the face and rips in to him – this was her last ‘favour’! She storms off and Josh looks at photos with a smile… What is he up to?

Hayley’s dressing Kim’s present when Kim comes in and sees it. Kim reckons it’s a great present and comments on how huge getting married is. Hayley’s curious about the comment and asks him if he’s having second thoughts? Kim shakes his head – of course not, but as they embrace we see over each shoulder and they both don’t look one hundred per cent convinced… Meanwhile, Josh is waiting at the Surf Club for Len Green. When he arrives, Josh tells him that he’d like him to quit as town Mayor. He hands Len the photos and Len’s face falls – he’s in serious trouble!

Scott emerges with a packed bag. Amanda’s surprised and wonders what he’s doing? Just because they’re fighting doesn’t mean they should break up. Scott says he just thinks it would be better if they had some space for a while…so he’s moving back home. Amanda pleads with him to stay, but Scott’s not interested.

Wedding talk abounds at the Diner as the excitement builds for the big day! Dan comes in with the morning paper, and wonders if they’ve heard the big news? Len Green has resigned.

Meanwhile, Josh is on his phone, in his hand is a leaflet – with his photo smiling on it and a caption underneath – ‘Josh West for Mayor!’

Guest Cast


Crooked local Mayor who was setup by Josh in a compromising position with Amanda.

Pointed out Len Green to Amanda.