Episode 4056

Australian Air Date: 26th September 2005
UK Air Date: 13th March 2006
Writer: Kelly Lefever
Director: Nicholas Bufalo

Josh’s reappearance is marred by mystery. Torn by his feelings for Hayley, Scott’s relationship with Amanda reaches a dramatic crunch point.

Extended Summary

Amanda apologises to Josh for failing to get the next instalment of money in time. He tells her to forget about the cash she owes for the time being – he wants her to steal the Summer Bay Electoral Roll for him! Amanda protests but this seems to be the only way out of her current bind.

Hayley asks Scott a favour – could he help her to pick up Kim’s present with his Ute? As they walk off, Josh watches on from a distance with a keen eye. Meanwhile, Amanda arrives at the Council Chambers and explains she’s just moved to Summer Bay and needs to change her details on the electoral role. The Secretary heads off to get Amanda the necessary forms and Amanda races behind the desk to look for the drawer containing the Summer Bay Electoral roll. She’s nearly sprung but finally manages to find the roll and get out of there.

Alf, Scott and Hayley are reeling from the unexpected arrival of Josh West – it hasn’t been the warmest of welcomes! Josh says he’s turned over a new leaf and insists he wants to make it up to everyone, but they don’t believe a word. Josh comes in and Colleen’s the first to have a go at him, but Josh pulls out a signed cheque and hands it to her. He hasn’t forgotten what he did to her mobile home and wants to pay it back fully – plus extra. Colleen’s totally surprised and uncertain whether to take it – but Josh makes her.

Scott’s made a magnificent fish dish, but Amanda is late. As… File in hand, Amanda waits to meet Josh. He appears behind her – have you got it? Amanda hands him the Role and wants to know if they’re square. Josh shakes his head – not even close. He wants photos of Amanda and Len Green (the Mayor) in a ‘compromising position’. Amanda tells Josh she won’t compromise herself like that and storms off. Josh lets her go (for now) smiling – this isn’t over yet! Back home, Scott’s still waiting – the fish is cold and Scott’s fed up. Hayley calls by to give Scott a wedding invite and a time and a place to help collect Kim’s present. The URST between them is still present, leaving Scott wistful…

Amanda’s sitting on the beach, trying to compose herself when she’s confronted by Bert (the horny hospital boy) who’s carrying a bunch of flowers. He’s mustered up the courage to ask her out, but all Amanda wants is get home to Scott. Weary, she tells him to rack off, leaving Bert disappointed. In the distance, Josh witnesses the entire exchange… He can’t help but be curious.

Scott’s thoughts are with Hayley as he stares wistfully at the wedding invites. The moment is broken by the return of a flustered Amanda. She’s overly apologetic and they have a big fight – Scott’s tired with the way she has been treating him (overly defending himself re: Hayley as he realises increasingly that he does still have feelings for her). While Amanda, for her part, is feeling guilty for what she’s been up to. So, she’s just as vocal in defending herself. Meanwhile, Bert is in the Surf Club, drowning his sorrows following on from “Hayley’s” rejection of him, when Josh appears at the door. He watches Bert for a moment then approaches, with a big smile.

Amanda’s face falls as Josh reveals he just had a very interesting chat with Bert. Amanda’s heart sinks as she realises Josh has found out she took the samples from the hospital, as ‘Hayley Lawson’. Josh guesses that the baby’s Scott’s and Amanda begs him not to say anything. Josh explains there’s one thing she can do to ensure the truth stays secret – get the photos of her and Len Green!

Guest Cast


Second appearance, last seen in Episode #4051. Inadvertently told Josh the details of Amanda’s DNA enquiry.

First appearance. Grumpy receptionist at Wapana Shire Council who mistakenly alerted Amanda to the location of the Electoral Roll.

Council visitor who Amanda used to “accidentally” spill coffee over.

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